School notes - 9-21-22

Madison 2-3 Center
Second graders at Madison 2-3 Center have been busy learning all of the expectations at a new school. The students have been working hard to prepare for the new school year learning growth mindset skills. Place value and developing number sense has been the focus in math and reviewing long and short vowel sounds in reading to increase phonics awareness.

The school year is off to a great start!

Submitted by Mrs. Moeding, Mr. Johnson and Ms. Beers

Huron High School
The halls of Huron High School are bustling with the excitement of a new school year. Coming back off of the State Fair break, students and staff are cultivating routines that will set them all up for a successful school year.

As shortages in supplies and workers continue across the country, and inflation is at an all-time high, students find relevance with the content they are expected to master in the classroom.  

When they walk through the door of Mrs. Cook’s Personal Finance class students quickly realize what they are about to learn will impact nearly every aspect of their lives.

In a time when American’s are struggling financially and that insecurity is being further fueled by political division, students quickly identify the importance of prioritizing their personal savings and including an emergency fund as part of their financial future.

Submitted by Rita Cook, HHS social studies instructor