School notes for 9-12-20

From Jon Schouten
K-1 Center

The beginning of the new school year is always an exciting time. Students spend time learning all of the new procedures for their different teachers.

This year has been especially instruction-oriented with the new COVID policies.

In PE, we spend time during the first week or so on safe ways to move around in open space and how to be in control of our bodies as we move around. Students are introduced to some basic locomotor movements such as walking, galloping, hopping, and jumping before moving on to more challenging locomotor movements such as skipping, leaping, and sliding. We also started the year off with a game called Hula Hoop Flip.

Students were given their own beanbag and hula-hoop to begin. They were lined up on the sidewalk (with proper social distance of course) facing the grass with the hula-hoop at their feet on the ground. Students were given cues on tossing the beanbags with the proper underhand technique. Each time the students successfully landed the beanbag in the hula-hoop, they have to flip the hula-hoop over one time.

They returned to their spot with their beanbag to toss it and try again. Each time they flipped the hula-hoop, it got a little tougher to make the next one. The students really enjoyed the game.

They enjoyed the challenge as the hula-hoop got farther away. We hope to continue to have a lot of fun while we learn about our bodies and physical activity this year in PE.

Jon Schouten
Elementary PE/Boost Up Instructor