School Notes for November 20

Huron High School
Biology classes at the High School are just finishing the ecology unit and are now preparing to move into a unit on cells, the building blocks of life. They will be working on introducing cells and the parts of a cell. After learning the anatomy of cells, they will study the physiology, how they work, within an organism to ensure survival. To extend knowledge, they will study how a once single cell can grow and divide to become a complete living organism. 

Once they have the basics of cells and cell parts, they will study heredity and the passing of traits from one generation to the next. The students generally find great interest in this topic, as they brainstorm their own traits and which relative possibly passed them down. To round out the unit they will learn about genetic disorders, causes, and possible treatments.

Submitted by Jennifer Fuchs

Huron Middle School
Sixth-graders are learning about the elements of line and creating visual textures. After practicing drawing many different textures, students will create a texture critter by applying five different visual textures to its form.

Seventh-grade art students finished the Vincent Van Gogh unit.  Students learned how to layer oil pastels on construction paper to create a replica of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.” They have been busy with the clay unit the past week. Seventh-graders create coil pots, pinch method containers and a project of choice. Eighth-graders have worked on a variety of projects in the two different classes. One class has papier mached their candy bags and the other group has done a unit on pop art and Tim Burton-style art.

Submitted by Michelle Johnson