Schweigert earns first feature win at Miller Central Speedway

ALLEN BECKER/CORNER 4 PHOTOGRAPHY Wyatt Schweigert of Huron (03) and Mackenzie Kopecky of Miller (5K) lead Andy Brooker of Tulare (8) and Mike Hammill of Miller (63) during the Pump-N-Pak pure stock main event on Saturday at Miller Central Speedway.

MILLER — Wyatt Schweigert of Huron collected his first career feature win during the Pump-N-Pak pure stock main event Saturday at Miller Central Speedway.

Schweigert held off Cody Songer of Wolsey to earn the win in the 10-lap race. Mike Hammill of Miller was third, followed by Andy Brooker of Tulare and Mackenzie Kopecky of Miller.

Hammill won the lone pure stock heat race.

Maria Broksieck of Goodwin won her second straight main event in the WISSOTA street stock division. It was her fifth win of the season at the track and eighth overall.

Broc Stout of Winner moved up five spots during the 12-lap race to finish second, while Matt Goth of Huron, who started ninth, was third.

Rounding out the top five in the street stock main event were Spence Pollock of Orient and Michael Bogh of Huron in fourth and fifth, respectively.

Also winning a second straight feature race on Saturday was Josh Skorczewski of Aberdeen in the WISSOTA late model division.

Skorczewski started fourth in the 6-car field and made his way to front during the 20-lap late model main event. It was his 19th career win at the Miller track.

Dustin Arthur of St. Lawrence ran second to Skorczewski, while Justin Karlen of Howard, who won the division’s lone heat race, was third. Trajan Schmidt of Watertown was fourth and Brandon Sprinkel of Pierre was fifth.

Dustin Arthur of St. Lawrence (21X) leads Josh Skorczewski of Aberdeen during their WISSOTA late model heat race on Saturday at Miller Central Speedway.

Mike Stearns of Aberdeen won his third main event of the season in the WISSOTA modified division. He held off Chaun Peterson of Aberdeen for the 18th win of his career at Miller Central Speedway.

Dave Brooker of Tulare was third, followed by Derek Hanson of Britton and James Hanley of Cresbard.

Stearns also won the modified heat race.

Adam Brotherton of Huron recorded his second win of the season in the WISSOTA Midwest modified division. He used a restart to pass Cory Berquist of Huron for the lead and went on to secure his 15th feature win in Miller.

Berquist was second, followed by Luke Johnson of Miller; Lorin Johnson of Miller and Jayme Peterson  of Highmore.

Brotherton also won the lone Midwest modified heat race.

Stewart Schipke of Aberdeen found his way to Victory Lane for the second time this season in the

WISSOTA super stock main event. He started fifth and worked his way to the front for his second career win at the track.

Damon Hoftiezer of Ft. Pierre was second, followed by Andrew Zastrow of Gann Valley, Robin Schmitt of Redfield and Derek Zastrow of Gann Valley.

Schipke also won the lone super stock heat race.

Racing will return to Miller Central Speedway on Saturday, with all classes back in action.

Spence Pollock of Orient (12) and Maria Broksieck of Goodwin (14) battle for position during the WISSOTA street stock feature race Saturday at Miller Central Speedway.

Miller Central Speedway
July 22 results

Pump-N-Pak Pure Stock
Heat 1: 1, Mike Hamill, Miller; 2, Wyatt Schweigert, Huron; 3, Cody Songer, Wolsey; 4, Mackenzie Kopecky, Miller; 5, Gavin Walsh, Kimball; (did not start) Andy Brooker, Tulare; Shawn Laskarzewski, St. Lawrence.
Main event: 1, Schweigert; 2, Songer; 3, Hammill; 4, Brooker; 5, Kopecky; 6, Walsh; 7, Laskarzewski.

WISSOTA Street Stock
Heat 1: 1, Brando Hammill, Miller; 2, Jayden Bogh, Huron; 3, Spence Pollock, Orient; 4, Matt Goth, Huron; 5, Wade Tirrel, White; 6, James Hoing, Kimball; 7, Cutter Murray, Ft. Pierre.
Heat 2: 1, Broc Stout, Winner; 2, Jodie Michaelsohn, Aberdeen; 3, Jace Baloun, Highmore; 4, Wesley Wulff, Gann Valley; 5, Travis Oxandaburu, Huron; 6, Wyatt Brooker, Tulare.
Heat 3: 1, Michael Bogh, Huron; 2, Maria Broksieck, Goodwin; 3, Clifford Houser, Kimball; 4, Kenneth Clements, Madison; 5, Dylan Tirrel, Toronto; 6, Jonn Hanneman, Madison.
Main event: 1, Broksieck; 2, Stout; 3, Goth; 4, Pollock; 5, M. Bogh; 6, Houser; 7, Michaelsohn; 8, Oxandaburu; 9, Clements; 10, Wulff; 11, Brooker; 12, Hanneman; 13, Baloun; (did not finish) 14,W. Tirrel; 15, D. Tirrel; 16, Murray; 17, Hoing; 18, J. Bogh; (did not start) Hammill.

WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Heat 1: 1, Adam Brotherton, Huron; 2, Cory Berquist, Huron; 3, Jayme Peterson, Highmore; 4, Britt Williams, Ft. Pierre; 5, Brandon Hoftiezer, Ft. Pierre; 6, Luke Johnson, Miller; 7, Lane Johnson, Miller; 8, Lorin Johnson, Miller; 9, Jason Cox, Ft. Pierre.
Main event: 1, Brotherton; 2, Berquist; 3, Luke Johnson; 4, Lorin Johnson; 5, Peterson; 6, Hoftiezer; 7, Williams; (did not finish) 8, Cox; (disqualified) Lane Johnson.

WISSOTA Modified
Heat 1: 1, Mike Stearns, Aberdeen; 2, Dylan Zabel, Selby; 3, Chaun Peterson, Aberdeen; 4, James Hanley, Cresbard; 5, Dave Brooker, Tulare; 6, Derek Hanson, Britton.
Main event: 1, Stearns; 2, Peterson; 3, Brooker; 4, Hanson; 5, Hanley; (did not finish) 6, Zabel.

WISSOTA Super Stock
Heat 1: 1, Stewart Schipke, Aberdeen; 2, Jeremy North, Huron; 3, Damon Hoftiezer, Ft. Pierre; 4, Brad Kopecky, Miller; 5, Andrew Zastrow, Gann Valley; 6, Robin Schmitt, Redfield; 7, Shawn Schnabel, Aberdeen; (did not finish) 8, Derek Zastrow, Gann Valley.
Main event: 1, Schipke; 2, Hoftiezer; 3, A. Zastrow; 4, Schmitt; 5, D. Zastrow; (did not finish) 6, Kopecky; 7, Schnabel; (did not start) North.

WISSOTA Late Model
Heat 1: 1, Justin Karlen, Howard; 2, Josh Skorczewski, Aberdeen; 3, Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence; 4, Trajan Schmidt, Watertown; 5, Brandon Sprinkel, Pierre; (did not finish) 6, Rich Thomas Aberdeen.
Main event: 1, Skorczewski; 2, Arthur; 3, Karlen; 4, Schmidt; 5, Sprinkel; 6, Thomas.