Searing inks win at DSFS

PHOTOS BY MIKE CARROLL/PLAINSMAN Cole Searing of Huron (10) and Charlie Olsen of Hendricks, Minn., battles for position during their Tri-State Late Model Series heat race on Saturday at Dakota State Fair Speedway.

HURON — Cole Searing of Huron was able to extend his lead in the Tri-State Late Model Series standings with a victory during the Bauman Agency Harvest of Champions event on Saturday at Dakota State Fair Speedway.

It was the fifth win of the season on the series for Searing and the 26th overall at his hometown track.

“The feature race was great,” Searing said. “Our car was really good and things rolled our way all night.”

Searing started on the inside of the second row in the 25-car field for the 25-lap main event. After a pair of cautions during the first three laps, it took Searing just one more lap to snag the top spot from polesitter Josh Skorczewski of Aberdeen.

Using the low side of the track coming out of turn two, Searing powered past Skorczewski on the fifth lap and never looked back.

“It’s awesome being able to race at home,” Searing said. “DSFS is where I started my racing career and have a bunch of sponsors from town that show up to watch the races, so it’s always nice to put their names in Victory Lane.”

Although not able to catch Searing the rest of the way, Skorczewski would hold on for the second spot.

Brian Diede of Huron, who held off Searing for a Tri-State Late Model Series win on Friday at Miller Central Speedway, was third. Shane DeMey of Denison, Iowa, was fourth, followed by Gary Brown Jr. of Brandon.

Heading into the weekend, Searing held a 36-point advantage over Blair Northdurft in the Tri-State Late Model point standings and was able to add to his lead during the events in Miller and Huron.

“We extended the points lead pretty good going into Fairmont, Minn.” Searing said. “Hopefully we can have a good clean night and wrap that deal up next weekend.”

The final event of the 2023 Tri-State Late Model Series schedule is Friday at Fairmont Raceway. It pays $2,400 to win.

Michael Bogh of Huron (20), Wyatt Brooker of Tulare (0) and Mike Jans of Clarkfield, Minn., battle for position during their WISSOTA street stock heat race Saturday at Dakota State Fair Speedway.

In the first of the four feature races Saturday, Mike Janes of Clarkfield, Minn., used a late surge to claim the victory in the WISSOTA street stock division.

Jans, who started fourth in the 23-car field for the main event, ran third for the 10 laps of the 15-lap race.

A restart following the lone caution of the race provided Jans with the break he needed. He passed Andy Rossow of Florence on lap 11 for the second spot and stole the lead from Grady Myers of Winner on the final lap using the bottom groove coming out of the second turn.

Jans now has a total of 10 career wins at DSFS and it was his first victory at the track in the past six years.

Myers would finish second, followed by Rossow. Troy Murner of Rapid City was fourth and Maria Broksieck of Goodwin was fifth.

Adam Brotherton of Huron added to his victory total at his hometown track in the WISSOTA Midwest modified division on Saturday. He now has a total of 16 wins at DSFS, with his previous one coming nearly an exact year earlier.  

Brotherton led from start to finish in the 15-lap race, but had to fight off challenges for the top spot during a pair of restarts.

The first challenge came from Shane Howell of Buffalo, Minn., after a caution on the second lap of the race. The second also came from Howell after the field was slowed for a second time with six laps remaining.

While Brotherton would go on for the win, Lorin Johnson of Miller was able to catch Howell and move into the second spot with five laps remaining. He held on for the runner-up finish, but just barely, as his son, Lane, surged past Howell with to laps remaining and finished inches behind his father at the finish line.

Howell would finish fourth, followed by Camden Myers of Ethan.

Adam Brotherton of Huron leads Shane Howell of Buffalo, Minn., (L1); Tracy Johnson of Lake Preston (19) and Scott Hansen of Garden City (31) through turns one and two during their WISSOTA Midwest modified heat race on Saturday at Dakota State Fair Speedway.

The 15-lap WISSOTA super stock feature nearly went flag to flag without a stoppage.

Trevor Nelson of Warner snagged the lead from the outside of the front row on the opening lap and was never threatened en route to his third career win at the track.

Jeremy North of Huron, who started on the pole, was second. Corey Elward of Mitchell finished third in the 14-car field, while Blake Whitlock of Watertown was fourth hand Mark Abeln of Groton was fifth.

In addition to the on-track festivities Saturday, one lucky driver was awarded Orv’s $5,000 Pot of Gold.

The top 15 drivers from each of the four divisions were eligible to claim the cash. The field was narrowed to one driver from each class during the pit meeting and the final drawing took place at the intermission.

Super stock driver Austin Arbogast of Huron won the $5,000 top prize, while Brotherton was awarded a $1,000 prize. Late model driver Jared Jelsma of Springfield and street stock driver Clifford Houser of Kimball each were awarded $500 for being finalists.

Saturday’s event capped the 2023 racing season at Dakota State Fair Speedway.

Dakota State Fair Speedway track promoter Orville Chenoweth, left, presents Austin Arbogast of Huron with the $5,000 Pot of Gold during intermission of Saturday’s racing program at the track. 

Dakota State Fair Speedway
Aug. 19 results

WISSOTA Street Stock
Heat 1: 1, James Hoing, Kimball; 2, Matt Goth, Huron; 3, Troy Murner, Rapid City; 4, Travis Oxandaburu, Huron; 5, Broc Stout, Winner; 6, Jace Baloun, Highmore; 7, Clifford Houser, Kimball; 8, Brandon Hammill, Miller.
Heat 2: 1, Andy Rossow, Florence; 2, Grady Myers, Winner; 3, Mike Jans, Clarkfield, Minn.; 4, Michael Bogh, Huron; 5, Richard Hartland, Winner; 6, Cole Phillips, Winner; 7, Wyatt Brooker, Tulare; (did not finish) 8, Ferlin Sheridan, Aberdeen.
Heat 3: 1, Kyle Bertram, Dallas; 2, Jayden Bogh, Huron; 3, Maria Broksieck, Goodwin; 4, Kenneth Clements, Madison; 5, Dylan Hartley, Brookings; 6, Jaren Puhlman, Piedmont; 7, Zach Pollock, Miller.
Main event: 1, Jans; 2, Myers; 3, Rossox; 4, Murner; 5, Broksieck; 6, Goth; 7, Bertram; 8, Phillips; 9, Hoing; 10, Oxandaburu; 11, Hartland; 12, Houser; 13, Clements; 14, Hartley; 15, Sheridan; (did not finish) 16, Bogh; 17, Brooker; 18, Baloun; 19, Stout; 20, J. Bogh; 21, Hammill; 22, Pollock; 23, Puhlman.

WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Heat 1: 1, Lane Johnson, Miller; 2, Cory Berquist, Huron; 3, Lorin Johnson, Miller; 4, Matt Heinzerling, Spearfish; 5, Nick Perry, Huron; 6, Chad Kopfmann, Alpena; 7, Peyton George, Rapid City; 8, Logan Redlin, Watertown.
Heat 2: 1, Adam Brotherton, Huron; 2, Shane Howell, Buffalo, Minn.; 3, Scott Hansen, Garden City; 4, Tracy Johnson, Lake Preston; 5, Britt Williams, Ft. Pierre; 6, Blayne Baloun, Wessington; (did not finish) 7, Tyler Bitz, Aberdeen.
Heat 3: 1, Camden Myers, Ethan; 2, Jake Wranek, Sioux Falls; 3, Jayme Peterson, Highmore; 4, James Reiner, Wessington Springs; 5, Luke Johnson, Miller; 6, Brandon Hoftiezer, Ft. Pierre; (did not finish) 7, Jaren Puhlman, Piedmont.
Main event: 1,  Brotherton; 2, Lorin Johnson; 3, Lane Johnson; 4, Howell; 5, Myers; 6, Hansen; 7, Peterson; 8, Tracy Johnson; 9, Heinzerling; 10, Berquist; 11, Wranek; 12, Luke Johnson; 13, Williams; 14, Hoftiezer; 15, Kopfmann; 16, Redlin; 17, Baloun; 18, Puhlman; (did not finish) 19, Perry; 20, Bitz; 21, Reinter; 22, George.

WISSOTA Super Stock
Heat 1: 1, Trevor Nelson, Warner; 2, Blake Whitlock, Watertown; 3, Corey Elward, Mitchell; 4, Austin Arbogast, Huron; 5, Bryson North, Huron; 6, Robin Schmitt, Redfield; 7, Andrew Zastrow, Gann Valley.
Heat 2: 1, Nathan Grehl, Hitchcock; 2, Jeremy North, Huron; 3, Mark Abeln, Groton; 4, Brad Kopecky, Miller; (did not finish) 5, Kyle Elsen, Bath; 6, Doug VanLiere, Madison; 7, Derek Zastrow, Gann Valley.
Main event: 1, Nelson; 2, J. North; 3, Elward; 4, Whitlock; 5, Abeln; 6, Arbogast; 7, Kopecky; 8, B. North; 9, VanLiere; 10, Elsen; 11, D. Zastrow; 12, A. Zastrow; (did not finish) 13, Grehl; 14, Schmitt.

Tri-State Late Model
Heat 1: 1, Cole Searing, Huron; 2, Charlie Olsen, Hendricks, Minn.; 3, Gary Brown Jr., Brandon; 4, Virgil Randall, Interior; 5, Jared Jelsma, Springfield; 6, Brandon Sprinkel, Pierre; (did not start) Jon Haase, Plainview, Neb.
Heat 2: 1, Brian Diede, Huron; 2, David McDonald, Huron; 3, Tyler Myers, Sioux Falls; 4, Scott Daly, Omaha, Neb.; 5, Gale Vogt, Yankton; 6, Mike Jagr, Gettysburg; 7, Mike Benson, Wakefield, Neb.
Heat 3: 1, Blair Nothdurft, Renner; 2, Tyler McDonald, Huron; 3, Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence; 4, Justin Boomsma, Huron; 5, Cody Martin, Mitchell; (did not finish) 6, Robert Bitz, Aberdeen.
Heat 4: 1, Josh Skorczewski, Aberdeen; 2, Shane DeMey, Denison, Iowa; 3, Lane Brenden, Mitchell; 4, Justin Karlen, Howard; 5, Keith Schenkel, Sioux Falls; (did not finish) 6, Chad Olsen, Hendricks, Minn.
Main event: 1, Searing; 2, Skorczewski; 3, Diede; 4, DeMey; 5, Brown Jr.; 6, Northdurft; 7, Arthur; 8, D. McDonald; 9, Chad Olsen; 10, Martin; 11, Charlie Olsen; 12, T. McDonald; 13, Myers; 14, Boomsma; 15, Brenden; 16, Vogt; 17, Daly; 18, Schenkel; 19, Jelsma; 20, Benson; 21, Bitz; (did not finish) 22, Karlen; 23, Jager; 24, Randall; 25, Sprinkel; (did not start) Haase.