Seed money to help others

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Kaitlin Brueske, left, presents a donation of $174 to Rhonda Kludt for the Heartland Region Backpack Program. As part of a confirmation project at Spirit of Faith Lutheran-Methodist Church in Woonsocket, Kaitlin and Maddie Schmiedt were given $32 in seed money to be used to raise money for a project.

They took their seed money and used it to bake more than 12 dozen batches of cookies and sell them to people in and around Woonsocket. All of their proceeds were donated to the Backpack Program.

Kaitlin said, “We are really proud that we got to raise money for this program,” Kaitlin said. “Helping kids have meals over the weekends is very important for their health. We think of all the kids in other countries or even in our state that go hungry.”

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