South Dakota's viral September

In September, the state of South Dakota had its deadliest month and worst month of new positive cases of COVID-19 since the first case in March.

The state recorded 8,880 new positive cases in the state over the month. Coming into the month, over 5 1/2 months of the virus had produced 13,509 cases. That translates to a 65.73% increase in total cases in just the month of September over the total cases the state had coming into the month.

The month was completed with every day reaching triple-digits in daily new positive cases. The low was 105 on Sept. 8 with a high of 579 on Sept. 26.

Seven days in September had between 100-199 new positive cases. Eleven days were between 200-299 new positive cases. New positive cases reached 300-399 seven times, 400-499 four times, and 500+ once.

The month was the deadliest by a notable amount. September saw 56 total deaths recorded in the state. May saw 45 deaths recorded, and that was the previous high for the state.

Active cases reached numbers they'd never been before. When the month opened, the state was at a new peak of active cases with 2,750. The month closed two days after setting a new high mark with 3,829 with the active cases at 3,659.

New cases were not located in one region of the state but were spread throughout the state.

The top 11 counties in new cases by total cases (percent increase):
Minnehaha 1,549 (29.41%)
Pennington 973 (67.95%)
Codington 576 (181.13%)
Brown 565 (83.70%)
Lincoln 501 (55.24%)
Brookings 458 (142.68%)
Hughes 326 (245.11%)
Meade 260 (86.67%)
Clay 215 (60.91%)
Yankton 204 (88.31%)
Lawrence 203 (90.22%)

The top 12 counties in percent increase of new cases (total cases):
Tripp 645.45% (142)
Campbell 620.00% (31)
Gregory 518.18% (114)
Jones 366.67% (11)
Haakon 350.00% (21)
McPherson 260.00% (26)
Hughes 245.11% (326)
Grant 242.86% (102)
Douglas 222.22% (60)
Edmunds 216.13% (67)
Walworth 209.30% (90)
Jackson 200.00% (24)

Beadle County had a busy month, but not yet to the case load of May and June. September totaled 176 new positive COVID-19 cases in the county, with May and June at 240 and 262 cases, respectively.

The county reported zero deaths in the month, though one death that occurred in the month was attributed to the virus but the death certificate had not been received yet at the South Dakota Department of Health before the end of the month, so that will go on October’s numbers.

During September, the active case number in Beadle grew from 33 to open the month to 107 by the final day of the month, reaching a peak of 109 during the month.


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