Spotlight on The SHED: Laurie Shelton

COURTESY PHOTOS Artist renditions of what The SHED facility will look like in the future at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds.

The South Dakota State Fair Foundation has undertaken a fundraising venture to encourage donations for an Open Class Sheep building at the State Fairgrounds. Each day, one person impacted by the future building will be featured.

Today, Huron Chamber & Visitors Bureau President & CEO Laurie Shelton shares why she is excited for The SHED and how it can impact Huron.

Q. Why are you excited for The SHED?

A. I’m just imagining the opportunities The SHED can bring to our community, region, and state, allowing us to host visitors from the sheep industry in addition to what the facility could be used for at other times of the year. To be looking to the future and seeing the difference this new building can make is exciting.

The more options we have, the more types of events we can attract that can impact Huron, the region, and state. It is all about looking to the future and raising The SHED is doing that!

“Spotlight on The SHED” is a five day series that focuses on The SHED, the future home for Open Class Sheep at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds and serve as a multi-purpose facility for other livestock and equine events outside of the fair. The “Spotlight” will feature sheep exhibitors and other users of the facility and their excitement for The SHED, and also recount memories of the Open Class Sheep Complex.

The “Raise The Shed” campaign includes several donor opportunities for all levels including show arena naming rights and donor wall sponsorships. For more information on the project and how to donate, visit:


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