State Fair announces Glacial Lakes Energy's contribution to the DEX

HURON — The South Dakota State Fair announced Friday a $100,000 contribution to the DEX: Dakota Events CompleX from Glacial Lakes Energy.  

“Glacial Lakes Energy is proud to support the new Dakota Events Complex, which will greatly contribute to the success of South Dakota agriculture,” said Jim Seurer, Glacial Lakes Energy CEO.

“At Glacial Lakes Energy, we are committed to investment in our communities, providing opportunities for today and generations to come. We are excited to see the many benefits this facility will bring to the State Fair in Huron.”

The DEX will provide exhibit space for over 13,000 4-H and FFA students across the state and expand the event hosting capabilities of the fairgrounds. Throughout the year, the DEX will also serve as a major draw for livestock shows, 4-H competitions, FFA Conventions, and rodeos as well as concerts, thrill shows, and more from across the country.

Glacial Lakes Energy (GLE) is a four-plant biorefinery company operating in central and northeast South Dakota and solely owned by more than 4,100 shareholders of Glacial Lakes Corn Processors.

On an annual basis, Glacial Lakes Energy purchases 125 million bushels of locally grown corn and converts it to more than 360 million gallons of clean transportation fuel, over 1.1 million tons of the high quality livestock feed, and 55,000 tons of renewable corn oil.

The DEX is the new multipurpose livestock and equestrian facility replacing the Open Class Beef Complex destroyed by fire in 2020.

The DEX will be open for the 2023 State Fair.


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