State Volleyball Tournaments

Editor’s note: Results from the Class A and AA title games were not available at press time and will run in Tuesday’s paper.

Third place
SF Washington 3, Watertown 2
The Sioux Falls Washington Warriors finish third in Class AA State Volleyball, after a match against the Watertown Arrows in a five-set fight for the 3-2 win.
Set scores for the Warriors were 25-18, 21-25, 18-25, 25-23 and 15-6.
Peyton Rymerson hit seven aces for the Warriors in the match, while Sydni Schetnan hit 16 kills. Hailey Olsen made 20 assists and added two aces, while Lily Bartling hit seven kills and made 33 digs.
Tayler Corey and Annie Norberg each hit three aces and one kill for the Arrows, while McKenzie Buisker added 15 kills. Abby Johnson hit 11 kills, and Mariah Gloe added eight kills.
Seventh place
Mitchell 3, Sioux Falls O’Gorman 0
The Mitchell Kernels took a dominating 3-0 win over the Sioux Falls O’Gorman Lady Knights in a match for seventh place Saturday morning at the Class AA State Volleyball Tournament.
Set scores for the Kernels were 27-25, 25-19 and 25-15.
The Kernels were led by Mackenzie Miller with 16 kills and 12 digs, while Maggie Kattner had three aces. Carly Haring hit 11 kills, Mandy Schmidt made 33 assists and Chelsea Brewster hit eight kills also for the Kernels.
Leading player for the Knights was Emma Ronsiek with 13 kills, while Jaime Renshaw had three aces and one kill. Ellee Ohnoutka and Meghan Bornhoft each had two aces, while McKenzie Hermanson made 14 assists.
Friday’s late game
Rapid City Stevens 3, Sioux Falls Washington 2
The Rapid City Stevens Raiders worked their way into the Class AA State Championship match with a 3-2 win against the Sioux Falls Washington Warriors, late Friday night.
Set scores were 26-22, 22-25, 16-25, 25-19 and 26-14 for the Raiders.
Leading players for the Raiders were Phebie Rossi with eight kills, while Marlee Schneider and Julia Lee each had two aces. Elizabeth Schaefer hit seven kills for RC Stevens, followed by Carly Buehner with six kills.
The Warriors were led by Lily Bartling with 21 kills and three aces, while Samiya Jami and Sydni Schetnan each hit nine kills.

Class A
Third place
Madison 3, Belle Fourche 0
The Madison Lady Bulldogs dominated the match against the Belle Fourche Broncs, taking the 3-0 win and third place for Class A State Volleyball Saturday.
Set scores for the Bulldogs were 25-23, 25-17 and 25-23.
Madison’s leading players were Oilivia Rud with 12 kills and one ace. Jessi Giles hit 11 kills and two aces, while Jenni Giles added five kills and three aces. Shania Schwebach made 33 assists and nine digs.
The Broncs were led by Sierra Ward with 14 kills, while Mandee Williamson hit 10 kills and one ace. Heaven Lane added two aces for the Broncs, and Payson Birkeland made 29 assists.
Fifth place
McCook Central-Montrose 3, Sioux Valley 1
The McCook Central-Montrose Fighting Cougars took fifth place in Class A State Volleyball with a 3-1 win in a Saturday afternoon match against the Sioux Valley Cossacks.
Set scores for the Fighting Cougars were 27-25, 25-17, 15-25 and 25-22.
Leading the Cougar pack was McKenna Kranz with 14 kills and three aces, Morgan Koepsell with 15 kills and Jacy Pulse with two aces and ten kills. Emily Bies made 28 assists and four digs, while Aleah Ries hit ten kills.
The Cossacks were led by Lynsey Stevens with 12 kills and one ace, while Nikole Ziegler hit 12 kills, and Rachel Miller made 28 assists.
Friday’s late match
Dakota Valley 3, Belle Fourche 0
The Dakota Valley Panthers won 3-0 against the Belle Fourche Broncs late Friday night in the Championship Semifinals game for Class A State Volleyball.
Set scores for the Panthers were 25-15, 25-17 and 25-15.
The Panthers were led by Meredith Lammers with 13 kills and one ace, while Ally Beresford hit five kills, three aces and made 32 assists. Elizabeth Lammers hit ten kills and made six digs for Dakota Valley, and Alyssa Johnson made 14 digs.
Leading the Broncs were Sierra Ward with eight kills and eight digs, while Mandee Williamson had four aces and three kills.
Belle Fouche played Madison for third place, while Dakota Valley played SF Christian for first place Saturday night.  

Class B
Northwestern 3, Warner 1
The Class B State Volleyball Champions are the Northwestern Wildcats after a 3-1 win against the Warner Monarchs in the Civic Center Saturday night.
Set scores for the Wildcats were 25-17-, 23-25, 25-20 and 28-26.
The leading players for the Wildcats were Caitlyn Fischbach with 19 kills and Riley Grandpre with 18 kills in the match. Evy Peterson hit seven kills and two aces in the Championship match, while Sydney Schell added seven kills, and Madalyn Groft made 47 assists.
The Warner Monarchs were led by Laurie Rogers with 22 kills and one ace, while Ashley Fischbach hit seven kills and two aces. Morgan Rozell added two kills, one ace plus 46 assists to the match, while Sydney Leidholt added one ace and made 20 digs.
Third place
Chester Area 3, Herreid-Selby Area 1
The Chester Area Flyers swooped into a third place finish, after a 3-1 win against the Herreid-Selby Area Wolverines in Class B State Volleyball Saturday afternoon.
Set scores for the Flyers were 23-25, 21-25, 26-24 and 27-25.
The Flyers were led by Makenna Larson with 12 kills and one ace, while Dakota Alfson got 21 kills, and Jadon Wages hit 20 kills in the match. Hailey Ewoldt made 56 assists and hit 5 kills, while Hanna Reiff added two aces.
Charlie Tisdall led the Wolverines with 31 kills and one ace, while Rachel Fiedler hit 12 kills and 3 aces. Cassie Anderson made 54 assists for the Wolverines.
Fifth place
Hanson 3, Burke-South Central 1
The Hanson Beaverettes won fifth place against the Burke-South Central Cougars in Class “B” State Volleyball at the Civic Center Saturday afternoon.
Set scores for the Beaverettes were 25-19, 25-14, 17-25 and 27-25.
Jada Campbell led the Beaverettes with 18 kills, while Allison Bahmuller hit nine kills and two aces. Brookelyn Siaba hit ten kills and made 23 digs, while Heather Kayser made 39 assists and hit three kills.
The Cougars were led by Lahna Matucha with 14 kills and three aces, while Taylee Indahl hit 20 kills. Bobbi Jo Wischmann made 29 assists and 13 digs for the Cougars.
Seventh place
Duebrook Area 3, Faith 1
The Deubrook Area Lady Dolphins won seventh place in Class B State Volleyball against the Faith Lady Longhorns, 3-1, on Saturday morning.
Set scores for the Dolphins were 25-22, 25-14, 21-25 and 25-16.
The Dolphins were led by Shaylee DeBeer with 14 kills and four aces, while Ashley Vandermeer hit ten kills, one ace and made ten digs. Mattie Nepodal and Sarah Urevig each had five kills for Duebrook Area, and Courtni Frank hit two aces.
Faith was led by Mikenzy Miller with nine kills, while Allix Vance and Brooklyn Hanson each had one ace. Sydnie Schauer made 27 assists, while Brooke Lemmel hit eight kills and made 18 digs.
Friday’s late match
Warner 3, Chester Area 1
The Warner Monarchs won in four sets against the Chester Area Flyers, 3-1, late Friday night to decide the Monarchs place in the Championship game Saturday afternoon against the Northwestern Wildcats for fist place in Class B State Volleyball.
Set scores for the Monarchs were 21-25, 25-14, 25-13 and 25-16.
Leading players for Warner were Keeley Fischbach with six aces and Peyton Ellingson with 26 kills. Laurie Rogers and Sydney Leidholt each hit 12 kills for the Monarchs, while Ashley Fischbach hit 11 kills and made 16 digs.
The Flyers were led by Dakota Alfson and Jadon Wages, each with 14 kills, while Hailey Ewoldt made 38 assists.


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