Students enjoy Pizza with the Principal 4-9

First-grade students at the Buchanan K-1 Center were selected to enjoy “Pizza with the Principal,” for the month of March. In the front row, from left, are William Soe Eh, Htoo Doh Shee, Andy Morales-Martin, Aye Mya Thu and Liliana Moreno-Wallenstein, while pictured in the second row are Blessing Say, Luis Martinez-Anaya, Archer White, Sawyer Storm, Alexa Colchado-Martinez and Jerry Moo.
Third row students include Bentley Campbell, Emma Walls, Mayli Ramirez-Sandoval, Katie Smith, Eh K Soe, Jennifer Lopez-Lopez, Deacon Lavallee, Cruz Metzger and Miyah Moore. Pictured standing in the back row are Cristobal Martinez, Charleston Wachter, Nolen Marcus, Pierre Kiman, Elijah Strote, Rosy Wah with principal Mrs. Heinz.