There’s a job for everyone

HURON — The Center for Independence supports individuals with disabilities to find and keep work in the community. Employment increases the quality of our life and contributes to our happiness. Everyone has the capacity to be productive members of their community.
Rhonda Sprecher, the owner and proprietor of Don’t Spill the Beans, has been in business for eight years.
When asked about how she originally hired two employees with disabilities, she said, “I mentioned to a friend of mine, who works for the Center for Independence, that I was looking for a couple of employees who can work a few hours a week, are flexible and are people I can depend on.”  
This is when Sprecher decided to give Larry Songer a chance at a job there. He has been working at Don’t Spill the Beans a little over 5 years now and his job duties include washing dishes, keeping the kitchen organized, and cleaning tables, which he really likes as he enjoys visiting with the patrons. Sprecher says, “Larry takes his job very seriously, is dependable and puts forth 110 percent in his effort while at work.”
Because of the positive experience with Songer, she also gave Greg Fromm an opportunity for employment, and he has been working there since November 2017. Fromm is very happy to come to work and will fill in as needed. He says, “My favorite part of working here is that my coworkers and boss are really nice and always ask me about my day. I also like having coffee and food on my break and talking to others.” When talking about the food at Don’t Spill the Beans, Fromm said, “Potato soup is the best there. It’s my favorite!”
Sprecher noted that it’s a good opportunity for her high school employees to learn about diversity and how to get along with everyone. She also stressed, “It is important for businesses to give all people opportunities to work. Just because an employer hires someone in a position and it does not work out, it doesn’t mean that the next person can not be successful if given an opportunity. There is a perfect job for everyone, and not every job fits every person.”
Employment provides people with not only income, but also pride of doing valuable work.  The opportunity to be productive in the community and to make friendships is as important for people with disabilities as it is for anyone else.
The Center for Independence appreciates employers, both past and present, throughout the Huron, Miller, Lake Preston, Brookings and Redfield areas who provide work opportunities that allow people with disabilities to earn a living and participate as an essential part of the fabric of our community.

From left, Don’t Spill the Beans owner Rhonda Sprecher and employees Elizabeth Opfer, Greg Fromm, Larry Songer, Tayler Regnier and Carli Keefe.

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