Tigers finish 1-1 against Rapid City teams

PHOTOS COURTESY OF JOEL BERGESON Left: Huron’s Ellie Puterbaugh plays a shot during a match Saturday in Aberdeen. Right: Huron’s Jolie Carrillo plays a backhand during a match on Saturday in Aberdeen.

ABERDEEN — The Huron girls’ tennis team went 1-1 against Rapid City teams during the Aberdeen Invite on Saturday.

Rapid City Stevens blanked the Tigers 9-0 in the opening match.

Huron rebounded with a 6-0 win against a short-handed Rapid City Central team in the second match.

“We played very well in both matches,” Huron coach Rachel Kary said.

The Tigers are now off until the Eastern South Dakota Conference Meet on Sept. 25-26 in Pierre.

Rapid City Stevens 9, Huron 0
No. 1: Peyton Ogle, RCS, def. AnneClaire Rubish, 10-2
No. 2: Sylvia Mortimer, RCS, def. Lizzy Heinen, 10-2
No. 3: Arabella Scott, RCS, def. Ann Hoek, 10-3
No. 4: Ella Potvin, RCS, def. Say Glay, 10-2
No. 5: Madison Marsh, RCS, def. Paw Kler Moo, 10-1
No. 6: Bella Nelson, RCS, def. Madeline Kleinsasser, 10-4
Exh: Claudia Werner, RCS, def. Chalie Sah, 8-1
Exh: Adelaide Morgan, RCS, def. Idella Meyer, 8-0

No. 1: Ogle/Scott, RCS, def. Rubish/Heinen, 10-6
No. 2: Mortimer/Potvin, RCS, def. Hoek/KLeinsasser, 10-2
No. 3: Marsh/Nelson, RCS, def. Glay/Moo, 10-4
Exh: Werner/Morgan, RCS, def. Sah/Meyer, 6-1

Huron 6, Rapid City Central 0
No. 1: AnneClaire Rubish, H, def. Angela Limun, 10-1
No. 2: Lizzy Heinen, H, def. Chenoa Wright, 10-1
No. 3: Ann Hoek, H, def. Kili Cole, 10-1
No. 4: Say Glay, H, def. Kirsten Steinback, 10-1

No. 1: Rubish/Heinen, H, def. Limun/Wright, 10-0
No. 2: Hoek/Kleinsasser, H, def. Cole/Steinback, 10-1