Tigers finish 1-1 in Brookings

BROOKINGS — The Huron girls’ tennis team found itself on opposite ends of a pair of 8-1 decisions on Saturday.

Watertown defeated the Tigers 8-1.

Claiming the lone win for Huron was Say Glay with a 10-6 victory in No. 4 four singles.

“Watertown’s a tough team, but we got a great win at Flight 4,” Huron coach Rachel Kary said.

The Tigers bounced back from the loss with an 8-1 victory against Brookings.

Huron swept the singles competition and were a tiebreaker away from taking all three doubles matches.

“It was a good win for us,” Kary said.

The Tigers will be back in action Saturday at the Aberdeen Invite.

Watertown 8, Huron 1

No. 1: Ellie Zink, W, def. AnneClaire Rubish, 10-6
No. 2: Leyla Meester, W, def. Lizzy Heinen, 10-1
No. 3: Faith Berg, W, def. Ann Hoek, 10-6
No. 4: Say Glay, H, def. Sophia Nichols, 10-6
No. 5: Cayda Weiss, W, def. Paw Kler Moo, 10-7
No. 6 Karlie Schulte, W, def. Madeline Kleinsasser, 10-2
Exh: Hannah Pesek, W, def. Chalie Sah, 6-3
Exh: Jade Smith, W, def. Idella Meyer, 6-0

No. 1: Zink/Meester, W, def. Rubish/Heinen, 10-2
No. 2: Berg/Nichols, W, def. Hoek/Kleinsasser, 10-9 (7-4)
No. 3: Weiss/Schulte, W, def. Glay/Moo, 10-7
Exh: Pesek/Smith, W, def. Sah/Meyer, 6-

Huron 8, Brookings 1

No. 1: AnneClaire Rubish, H, def. Sophie Tanner, 10-3
No. 2: Lizzy Heinen, H, def. Elle Schulte-Coplan, 10-5
No. 3: Ann Hoek, H, def. Anika Hooda, 10-9 (7-4)
No. 4: Say Glay, H, def. Yuki Zhu, 10-4
No. 5: Paw Kler Moo, H, def. Nancy Yang, 10-2
No. 6: Madeline Kleinsasser, H, def. Josie Bertrand, 10-3
Exh: Idella Meyer, H, def. Gayle Foster, 6-1

No. 1: Rubish/Heinen, H, def. Tanner/Schulte-Coplan, 8-0
No. 2: Hooda/Zhu, B, def. Hoek/KLeinsasser, 8-4
No. 3: Glay/Moo, H, def. Yang/Bertrand, 8-2
Exh: Chalie Say/Meyer, H, def. Foster/Ava Smith, 6-0