Tigers split matches against Rapid City teams

ABERDEEN — The Huron girls’ tennis team found itself on opposite ends of 9-0 decisions on Saturday during the Elliot Extravaganza.

Huron opened the event with a 9-0 victory against Rapid City Central.

“It was a great win against Rapid City Central,” Huron coach Rachel Kary said. “We won all our matches and the girls played great.”

Rapid City Stevens turned the tables on the Tigers and emerged with a 9-0 win.

“The girls played well,” Kary said. “They are a strong team.”

Huron will close the regular season at the Eastern South Dakota Conference Meet on Sept. 27 in Mitchell.

Huron 9, Rapid City Central 0

No. 1: AnneClaire Rubish, H, def. Ester Pineiro, 10-2
No. 2: Lizzy Heinen, H, def. Emma Raisaren, 10-5
No. 3: Bianca Medina, H, def. Abby McNaboe, 10-2
No. 4: Wednesday Paw, H, def. Ella Miller, 10-6
No. 5: Say Ma, H, def. Mattison Poynter, 10-1
No. 6: Ann Hoek, H, def. Macie Miller, 10-7
Exh: Paw Kler Moo, H, def. Sidney Wheele, 8-6
Exh: Blut Kue Ler, H, def. Hannah Isbell, 8-5

No. 1: Rubish/Heinen, H, def. Pineiro/Raisaren, 10-7
No. 2: Medina/Paw, H, def. McNaboe/Miller, 10-4
No. 3: Ma/Hoek, H, def. Poynter/Miller, 10-2
Exh: Moo/Ler, H, def. Wheele/Isbell, 8-4

Rapid City Stevens 9, Huron 0

No. 1: Ali Scott, RCS, def. AnneClaire Rubish, 10-1
No. 2: Peyton Ogle, RCS, def. Lizzy Heinen, 10-1
No. 3: Anna Mueller, RCS, def. Bianca Medina, 10-0
No. 4: Maddy Miller, RCS, def. Wednesday Paw, 10-1
No. 5: Bella Scott, RCS, def. Say Ma, 10-4
No. 6: Evelyn Haar, RCS, def. Ann Hoek, 10-3

No. 1: Scott/Ogle, RCS, def. Rubish/Heinen, 10-4
No. 2: Parkin/B. Scott, RCS, def. Medina/Paw, 10-2
No. 3: Mueller/Lindsey Pfingsen, RCS, def. Ma/Hoek, 10-1


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