Tigers win pair of matches

HARRISBURG — The Huron boys’ tennis team collected victories against Sioux Falls Christian and Harrisburg on Monday.
Keying the 5-4 win against Sioux Falls Christian for the Tigers was No. 6 singles player Tyrese Theus. He emerged with a 10-7 victory in the match.
“Tyrese played two very good singles matches,” Huron coach Tim Hedblom said. “He battled back from being down 7-4 to win 10-7 to help clinch the dual win.”
Eh Kalu also had a key win for the Tigers against Sioux Falls Christian in No. 4 doubles. He escaped with an 11-10 victory with a six in the tiebreaker.
Also recording singles wins for Huron against Sioux Falls Christian were Eh Dah at No. 3 and Roger Puterbaugh at No. 5.
Dah also teamed with Kalu to earn a 10-3 victory in No. 2 doubles.
Huron then won eight of the nine matches against Harrisburg to claim the victory.
Brenden Schlader used a win in a tiebreaker to capture a win in No. 1 singles with an 11-10 decision.
“Brenden picked up a good win in a tiebreaker and teamed up with Reese (Uecker) to get the win at Flight 1 doubles,” Hedblom said.
Dah, Kalu, Puterbaugh and Theus also had singles wins for Huron.
In doubles, Huron recorded the sweep.
“We had a very good day. Our boys played well in very windy conditions,” Hedblom said. “I am very pleased with how all the boys played today. There were some things we did well and few things we need to work on.”
Huron was scheduled to host Yankton and Rapid City Central in a triangular on Friday and then host Rapid City Central, Mitchell and Aberdeen Central in a quadrangular on Saturday, but both events have been cancelled due to forecasted inclement weather.
Next up for the Tigers will be a quadrangular in Mitchell on Tuesday.

Huron 5, Sioux Falls Christian 4

No. 1: Landon Levenhagen, SFC, def. Brenden Schlader, 10-7
No. 2: Daniel Puumala, SFC, def. Reese Uecker, 10-3
No. 3: Eh Dah, H, def. Collin Harmelink, 10-8
No. 4: Eh Kalu, H, def. Jadon Munson, 11-10 (6)
No. 5: Roger Puterbaugh, H, def. Dylan Aukes, 10-1
No. 6: Tyrese Theus, H, def. Easton Prins, 10-7
Exh: Moo Sher Say, H, def. Jackson Woodward, 8-2
Exh: Gavin Mulder, SFC, def. Aung Min, 8-4
No. 1: Levenhagen/Puumala, SFC, def. Schlader/Uecker, 10-4
No. 2: Dah.Kalu, H, def. Munson/Woodward, 10-3
No. 3: Harmelink/Prins, SFC, def. Puterbaugh/Say, 10-5
Exh: Aukes/Mulder, SFC, def. Theus/Min, 8-6

Huron 8, Harrisburg 1

No. 1: Brenden Schlader, HU, def. Desmond Loft, 11-10 (4)
No. 2: Isaac Donelan, HA, def. Reese Uecker, 10-4
No. 3: Eh Dah, HU, def. Mason Proehl, 10-0
No. 4: Eh Kalu, HU, def. Nick Tschudy, 10-7
No. 5: Roger Puterbaugh, HU, def. Nick Anderson, 10-7
No. 6: Tyrese Theus, HU, def. Jaxon Hunter, 10-3
Exh: Moo Sher Say, HU, def. Parker Cole, 8-3
Exh: Aung Min, HU, def. Justin Ptak, 8-3
No. 1: Schlader/Uecker, HU, def. Loft/Donelan, 10-5
No. 2: Dah/Kalu, HU, def. Tschudy/Anderson, 10-7
No. 3: Puterbaugh/Say, HU, def. Proehl/Hunter, 10-7
Exh: Theus/Min, HU, def. Cole/Ptak, 8-2


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