Tigers win pair of matches during opener

PHOTO BY BENJAMIN CHASE/PLAINSMAN Huron’s Eh Dah serves during a No. 1 doubles match in the Huron Quadrangular on Saturday at Huron Courts.

HURON — The Huron boys’ tennis team earned wins in two of the three matches during a quadrangular meet on Saturday at Huron Courts.

“We picked up big dual wins against Watertown and Pierre,” Huron coach Tim Hedblom said. “I am very pleased with how well the boys played today.”

The Tigers edged Watertown 5-4 and got past Pierre 7-2. They swept the doubles competition against the Governors and won two of the three doubles matches against the Arrows.

“All three doubles teams played extremely well,” Hedblom said. “They played very well against Sioux Falls Lincoln, who will be one of the favorites in Class AA.”

Lincoln emerged with a 9-0 win against the Tigers, but all three of the doubles matches were competitive.
Huron will return to action Monday with matches against Harrisburg and Sioux Falls Christian in Harrisburg at noon.

Sioux Falls Lincoln 9, Huron 0

No. 1: Gage Gohl, SFL, def. Eh Dah, 10-4
No. 2: Rocky McKenzie, SFL, def. Eh Kalu, 10-0
No. 3: Gavin Schmit, SFL, def. Roger Puterbaugh, 10-7
No. 4: Drew Gohl, SFL, def. Moo Sher Say, 10-2
No. 5: James Yousef, SFL, def. Hay Klu Moo Taw, 10-0
No. 6: River McKenzie, SFL, def. Lay Kpaw Wah, 10-0
Exh: Arthur Tau, SFL, def. Dah Moo, 8-3
Exh: Preston Koski, SFL, def. Augie Hendrickson, 8-0
Exh: Arthur Tao, SFL, def. Lauy Kue Say, 8-1

No. 1: G. Gohl/McKenzie, SFL, def. Dah/Kalu, 10-4
No. 2: Schmit/D. Gohl, SFL, def. Puterbaugh/Say, 10-6
No. 3: Yousef/Koski, SFL, def. Taw/Wah, 10-6
Exh: River McKenzie/Tao, SFL, def. Lah Doh Soe/Wah, 8-0

Huron 5, Watertown 4

No. 1: Eh Day, H, def. Mark Mahowald, 10-3
No. 2: Eh Kalu, H, def. Sam Mahowald, 11-9
No. 3: Roger Puterbaugh, H, def. Jacob Meester, 10-5
No. 4: Adam Kays, W, def. Moo Sher Say, 10-5
No. 5: Curtis Sneden, W, def. Hay Klu Moo Taw, 10-1
No. 6: Evan Meester, W, def. Lay Kpaw Wah, 10-6
Exh: Zandar Binde, W, def. Lah Doh Soe, 8-2
Exh: Justin Remers, W, def. Hser Wah, 8-4

No. 1: Dah/Kalu, H, def. Mahowald/Mahowald, 10-4
No. 2: Puterbaugh/Say, H, def. Kays/J. Meester, 10-7
No. 3: E. Meester/Sneden, W, def. Taw/Wah, 10-5
Exh: Binde/Remmers, W, def. Moo/Hendrickson, 9-8 (5)

Huron 7, Pierre 2

No. 1: Eh Dah, H, def. Matthew Hanson, 10-5
No. 2: Eh Kalu, H, def. Blake Judson, 10-8
No. 3: Luke Loingang, P, def. Roger Puterbaugh, 10-1
No. 4: Spencer Kelly, P, def. Moo Sher Say, 10-2
No. 5: Hay Klu Moo Taw, H, def. Josh Ryckman, 10-6
No. 6: Lay Kpaw Wah, H, def. Jacob Mayer, 10-8
Exh: Lah Doh Soe, H, def. Denton Beck, 8-6
Exh: Augie Hendrickson, H, def. Carter Schulz, 8-3

No. 1: Dah/Kalu, H, def. Hanson/Judson, 10-7
No. 2: Puterbaugh/Say, H, def. Leingang/Kelly, 10-6
No. 3: Taw/Wah, H, def. Beck/Schulz, 10-5
Exh: Lauy Kue Say/Dah Moo, H, def. Ryckman/Mayer, 8-5



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