Time to mask up

PHOTO BY BENJAMIN CHASE/PLAINSMAN Huron resident Cliff Hadley speaks during Monday night’s city commission meeting about a local mask mandate. Listening are Huron Mayor Gary Harrington, left, and commissioner Bryan Smith.

Commission unanimously approves mask mandate

HURON — The Huron City Commission Monday night listened to 13 Huron residents in public forum and all four commissioners spoke before voting on a resolution to require masks within the city of Huron. The commissioners passed the resolution unanimously.

The resolution lists the following:
1. Face masks/face coverings are required on all city property and at any city events where six-foot social distancing is not possible. Masks which cover a person’s nose and mouth are required for all persons entering any city property or attending a city event.

2. Face masks/face coverings are required within the city of Huron. All persons except those under the age of five and those with a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that makes it unreasonable for the individual to maintain a face mask/face covering, must wear a face mask/face covering in any indoor businesses and/or indoor public places open to the public at all times with the exception of eating/drinking, participating in extracurricular activities, or if there is only one person present on the premises or six-foot social distancing can be achieved.

3. A face covering or face mask must be worn to cover the nose and mouth completely and can include a paper or disposable face mask, a cloth mask, a scarf, a bandana, or neck gaiter.

4. This resolution shall be reviewed upon 30 days from passage to assess its effectiveness and to consider repeal, modification, or extension.

Commissioner Mark Robish emphasized that this is not an ordinance or a mask mandate with a fine attached, but instead is a “plea to the community.”

Commissioner Doug Kludt stated his desire to see further action taken, but understands that the votes on the commission would not be there. “I believe this is the best we can do at this time,” said Kludt.

Each of the commissioners spoke to the opportunity to review the resolution in 30 days to decide upon the effectiveness of the resolution. Mayor Gary Harrington reminded the gallery that resolutions regarding social distancing and gathering sizes remain in place that were put in place after repealing the ordinances originally put in place in March.

The commission also approved a contract amendment with Stockwell Engineers, Inc. for Third Street Dam Improvements. The amendment regarded a potential survey of the shoreline change due to extended period of flood state.

City commissioners also passed resolutions 2020-14 and 2020-15 that cleared the use of a revenue bond to fund the Clean Water Project and also set the city rates in order to pay back the bond.

Commioners also:
• Approved an alcoholic beverage consumption in public area permit for Ashley Williams for a wedding reception on November 21-22 at the Women’s Building on the Fairgrounds
• Approved an alcoholic beverage consumption in public area permit for Huron Parks and Recreation Department for bean bag league November 16, 23, 30 and December 7, 14, 21 at the Campus Center Blackburn Hall
• Approved regular status of Police Officer Taylor Noid upon completion of probationary period
• Approved hiring Alex Burkel as volunteer firefighter

Mayor Harrington read into record a letter from Brad Magness on behalf of Magness Livestock thanking the Huron Police Department for their recent assistance rounding up calves that had gotten loose.


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