To the Editor - Tootsie Roll drive chairmen

To the Editor:
The members of the Knights of Columbus thank the residents of the Huron area for their generous support of the annual Tootsie Roll Drive, held the weekend of Nov. 15-18. Everyone’s generosity assisted with a collection resulting in more than $3,700 being available for assisting the developmentally disabled citizens of the area.
Appreciation is also extended to the cooperating businesses that allowed space for the Knights of Columbus volunteers. Also, a special ‘thank you’ to the evening entertainment businsses that allowed our volunteers to stop by.
We could not have made it work without all of their support.
The work by the local Knights of Columbus member volunteers was outstanding again this year. Thier cooperation made this year’s drive a success. Thank you to all for the special effort.
Thomas Bowar
Dwight Wullweber
Mike Bauer
Tootsie Roll drive chairmen