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During my current recuperation stint at home, I have been...blessed, I guess? with the dual gift of too much time on my hands and too much thinking. This is likely a dangerous combination.

The country lost a tremendous legal mind last week with the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If you have not yet seen “On The Basis of Sex,” which is based upon her life and struggles to break through the masculine constructed glass ceiling of law, I encourage you to do so. If you have young daughters, have them watch as well.

At some point soon, perhaps already, President Trump will announce his nomination to replace her. This will likely come a scant week after Justice Ginsburg’s passing, and less than two months before the presidential election. In 2016, then-President Obama nominated Merrick Garland one month after Justice Antonin Scalia passed, in March, eight months prior to that year’s presidential election.

As we know, in 2016, the Republican controlled Senate denied even bringing Judge Garland in for a preliminary hearing, saying instead that whomever would win that fall’s election should be the person to make the nomination.

Really, they all did. There are transcripts that are able to be accessed all over the place. Read them and see what the same group of Senate bullies said then versus what they say now. Bullies do things because they can; not because they are right or wrong, but because they can do whatever benefits them most.

Square that when the next Supreme Court nominee is voted upon. Shouldn’t the playing field be level?

Shouldn’t something that is a foul on one basketball team be a foul on the other as well? How, with a straight face, can Republican senators say one thing in 2016 and be diametrically opposed to themselves in 2020?

They are about to completely politicize the one leg of the federal government that was undeniably meant to be partisan.

And they say jellyfish are spineless.

A true dilemmaI love movies and I can report that just in time for Halloween, we watched perhaps the scariest movie that I have EVER seen in my life Tuesday night. And everyone, from the age of 12 on up should watch it.

It’s not gory scary, however, if you pay attention it is ‘make you consider things’ scary. It’s called “The Social Dilemma” and it is on Netflix. I’m not going to tell you about it in much detail, but when you watch it, consider the people in the film, consider their message on the problem described and then consider that THESE are the people who helped start the ball rolling and pretty much know EXACTLY what they are talking about.

It’s been said that the first step to solving a problem is to recognize there is one.

Here is your challenge. Gather your household – the film is only an hour and a half long – and lock away all your smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc., for the duration of the film before you start it. The world can survive without you for an hour and a half. And vice versa.

And then, afterward, think twice about turning that phone, tablet or iPad back on.


Sometimes I wonder…
Someone jokingly said that the one industry that President Trump has boosted up is the ‘tell-all’ book. Many people have left the Trump administration and many of them have written books on the dis-function, obsessiveness, and myopic views that they saw while working at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

So, I wondered, has anyone written a “pro-Trump’ book? Certainly with the long list of people who have left the White House, some of them even by their own accord, there must be a few who have something positive to say?


While Amazon has literally pages and pages of books (including coloring books) that show when you search ‘anti-Trump books’ there aren’t really any that do when you change the ‘anti’ to a ‘pro.’ Some family members have penned books that pop up, but these are mainly aimed at liberals and everyone else who doesn’t think the same way as the president.

While every reporter in Washington has an ‘anonymous source’ for behind the scenes stuff that shows the White House in a negative fashion, are there no anonymous sources that are willing to risk their jobs and careers to say what a bang up job President Trump is doing?

Hmmm….wonder why that is?


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