Tree display gets extended exhibition

Roxy Stienblock/Plainsman file photo The 2022 Huron Area Arts Council’s Christmas Tree display at the Huron Event Center.

HURON — The annual Huron Area Arts Council’s Christmas Tree Exhibition at the Huron Event Center will run for a full two months this holiday season, according to HAAC president Spencer Nesson.

Nesson noted that Brenda Jager, representing the Event Center, has said the facility will be ready for the setup of trees beginning Wednesday, Nov. 15.

The exhibition is open to all individuals and organizations wishing to show their Christmas Spirit with the additional incentive of prizes and recognition from the Huron Area Arts Council. There is no charge for entry into the competition, but exhibitors are asked to fill out a registration at the front desk of the Crossroads Hotel when they are ready to set up.

As in previous years, all trees shall be nominally six feet tall and competition will be carried out in Adult and Youth Classes. Prizes and recognition will be awarded for Beauty and Originality in each class.

For that really outstanding tree, a Best in Show award will be granted.

According to Nesson, judging will be conducted early in December. Any trees not registered by that time will be ineligible for prizes. The show will remain in place until January 15 of next year.