TrueNorth Steel helps build America

Photos by Roxy Stienblock of the Plainsman A variety of sizes of corrugated steel pipe from TrueNorth Steel is loaded and ready for transport.

HURON — TrueNorth Steel is a family-owned business that started 75 years ago in Fargo, N.D., which has since expanded, and currently has nine locations across five states. They have provided custom steel based solutions across the United States. Their steel can be found in numerous industries, including commercial, industrial, agricultural, mining, oil/refineries, and bridges.
TNS has four divisions; Bridge, built and constructed to access county roads, private locations, hotels, golf courses, and farmers/ranchers. Tanks for agricultural use, oil tanks and field tanks to hold numerous fluids and diesel, including underground tanks. Drainage, working with corrugated steel pipe making culverts for county roads, and building private drainage systems under buildings that have land and no area for the run off to go. Structural, as they are building the largest Sanford Hospital in Fargo, they are also building the adjoining bridges to connect to other areas, and have built numerous hospitals, schools, offices, and other huge structures. As well as incorporating their own transportation line to ship their products, FTC Transportation Inc.
TNS employs over 600 people. They are always hiring, and have grown in size in the last few years. Even though they are getting large, their mission is to remain having personal relationships with their customers.
“Most customers know that when they come here for their products that they are getting a lot of in house work from us,” said Savannah Ward, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at TrueNorth Steel. “They like knowing they are dealing with one person or team and knowing that TNS is doing it all, including the shipping, instead of jumping to other places, and companies for help.”
Here they strive to understand their customers and provide the best products, services, and tailoring the level of service and assistance to each client’s unique needs.
TNS is continuously improving the safety in all of the facilities, with team members receiving extensive and intensive safety training throughout the year. TNS has a full-time safety department who oversee weekly and quarterly training for their employees by providing monthly updates of their safety metrics, and tracking their total incident rate against industry standards.
Ole Rommesmo Jr., the owner of TrueNorth Steel, has since implemented a program from attending a Master Grad Discovery Leadership. The main contributor to success has been the ability to build strong teams. Each year, TNS gives its employees the opportunity to attend a two-day “Game Changer” training that focuses on teaching people to positively transform every relationship and situation by accepting personal responsibility for their professional, financial, relational, and physical wellness.
“Its not about work, its about investing in the employees life so they can invest themselves with the company and become focused team players,” said Ward. This training gives the employees the tools to be stronger leaders, as well as to build upon their personal lives.
“We are always looking for Game Changers,” said Ward. “We are always looking for the right employee to fit into our company culture and align with the company values.” Each year TNS celebrates the Game Changer of the month, quarter, and year. The employee of the year receives a bonus and recognition for their dedication and hard work.
Volunteering for local programs and organizations in the community is a long standing objective for TNS. TNS volunteers at United Way Day of Caring, Toys for Tots, Backpack Drives, and does various sponsoring of local youth sporting events to help give back to the community.
TrueNorth Steel is located at 220 4th Street Northeast. Their business hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can contact TNS at 352-8643.


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