VA Telehealth opportunities come to Heartland region

PHOTO BY BENJAMIN CHASEe/PLAINSMAN VA Connected Care Nurse Manager Jacqueline Cole converses with a staff member at the Sioux Falls Veteran’s Administration Medical Center Thursday, after she connected the new VA Telehealth terminal in the Welfare Office in the Beadle County Courthouse.

HURON - Staff from the Sioux Falls office of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was at the Beadle County courthouse Thursday to allow Huron to be a national trailblazer for VA services.
The VA Telehealth system that was installed Tuesday will bring countless benefits to those utilizing VA medical services in Beadle County and the surrounding region. Patients will be able to set up an appointment with their same VA provider, but instead of traveling to Sioux Falls to see that provider, veterans can now utilize the Telehealth services located in the Welfare Office at the Beadle County courthouse.
Huron’s is one of the first permanent locations in the entire nation and is part of the VA’s Anywhere to Anywhere initiative to get high-quality, secure healthcare, offered through web-based or mobile based means.
“The service is private, secure, and even the Beadle County VSO  won’t know the details of the appointment or even who is scheduled until the day of the appointment,” stated VA Connected Care Nurse Manager Jacqueline Cole. “The patient can feel safe working with their provider of choice in this space, and they would save a long trip in the process.”
Cole also mentioned that appointments done through the VA Telehealth system do not require a co-pay, which could be very helpful to those in financial difficulty.
“For those who physically or financially struggle to get to Sioux Falls, this will be huge,” exclaimed Cole.
The new service will be open for use beginning Jan. 7, but VA patients should be able to begin scheduling telehealth appointments immediately.
For any further questions about the VA Telehealth system and scheduling, contact Beadle County veterans services officer Taylor Jans at 353-8416.


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