Ward earns late model win during Casino Speedway special

PHOTOS BY ROGER MERRRIAM/WATERTOWN PUBLIC OPINION In the first photo, top, Tyler McDonald Huron (%M) and Ryan Mikkelson of Alexandria Minn. (15) battle for position in their WISSOTA late model heat race during 8th Marilyn Olson Memorial Late Model Special Sunday night at Casino Speedway. In the first photo, bottom, Chad Olsen of Hendricks Minn. (10 C) and David McDonald of Huron (52 x) battle for position in their WISSOTA late model heat race. In the second photo, Matt Goth of Huron (17) passes Brian Pearson of Toronto (29) in a WISSOTA street stock heat race. Goth went on to win the heat race.

WATERTOWN — All’s well that ends well is a good way to describe how Sunday night went for Watertown late model driver Scott Ward during the eighth Marilyn Olson Memorial Late Model Special at Casino Speedway.

Ward was one of 19 late model drivers on hand and his night opened with a minor skirmish at the start of the third heat that included getting bumped into by his daughter Morgan.

Ward survived the near pileup, finished second in the heat and then came back late to win the 40-lap feature and the $2,571 prize that went with it. The late model feature win was the second in a row and third in four weeks for Ward.

Chad Becker of Aberdeen and David McDonald of Huron finished second and third, respectively, in the feature. Becker and fellow Aberdeen driver Curt Gelling and Chad Olsen of Hendricks (Minn.) won the heat races.

Sunday’s 74-car field included 15 modifieds, 22 Midwest modifieds and 18 street stocks.

Tyler Peterson of Hickson (N.D.) won the 25-lap modified feature and Derek Rieck of Ortonville (Minn.) and Matt Goth of Huron won the 20-lap Midwest modified and street stock features, respectively. Peterson’s win was his second of the season the local speedway. Rieck and Goth each won their first features of the season.

Trevor Anderson of Watertown finished second and Tony Konold of Clear Lake third in the modified feature behind Peterson. Anderson and Matt Gilbertson of Montevideo (Minn.) were heat winners.

Rieck beat Watertown’s Mike Nichols and Waubay’s Scott Harrington to the finish line in the Midwest modified main. Heat winners were Harrington, Tate Block of Florence and Scott Hansen of Garden City.

Goth took the checkered flag in the street stock feature ahead of Maria Broksieck of Goodwin and Wade Tirrel of White. Goth, Chris Serr of Aberdeen and Nicholas Green of Watertown prevailed in the heats.

There will be no racing program this Sunday at Casino Speedway because of the holiday weekend. Racing resumes on Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

8th Marilyn Olson Late Model Special

Sunday at Casino Speedway

• Feature — 1. Scott Ward, Watertown; 2. Chad Becker, Aberdeen; 3. David McDonald, Huron; 4. David Carlson, Huron; 5. Chad Olsen, Hendricks (Minn.); 6. Ryan Engels, Watertown; 7. Curt Kranz, Watertown; 8. Trevor Anderson, Watertown; 9. Blair Nothdurft, Renner; 10. Jordan Tollakson, Montevideo (Minn.); 11. Chad Williamson, Watertown; 12. Morgan Ward, Watertown; 13. Rich Thomas, Aberdeen. DNF: Trevor Walsh and Scott Olson, Watertown; Ryan Mikkelson, Alexandria (Minn.); D.J. Tesch, Brandt; Curt Gelling, Aberdeen and Tyler McDonald, Huron.
• First Heat — 1. Gelling; 2. Mikkelson; 3. T. McDonald; 4. Williamson; 5. Tesch; 6. Olson. DNF: Thomas.
• Second Heat — 1. Olsen; 2. D. McDonald; 3. Kranz; 4. Nothdurft; 5. Tollakson; 6. Carlson.
• Third Heat — 1. Becker; 2. S. Ward; 3. Anderson; 4. Engels; 5. M. Ward; 6. Walsh.

• Feature — 1.Tyler Peterson, Hickson (N.D); 2. Trevor Anderson, Watertown; 3. Tony Konold, Clear Lake; 4. Ryann Damm, Watertown; 5. Arne Anderson, Watertown; 6. Tim Waba, Watertown; 7. Dylan Zabel, Selby. DNF: Brent Dutenhoffer and Jayson Good, Watertown; Nick Wranek, Harrisburg; Joseph Thomas, Glyndon (Minn.); Duke Erickson, Sioux Falls; Alex Guthmiller and Dale Ames, Huron and Matt Gilbertson, Montevideo (Minn.).
• First Heat — 1. Gilberson; 2. Wranek; 3. Zabel; 4. Damm; 5. Thomas; 6. Erickson. DNF: Guthmiller and A. Anderson.
• Second Heat — 1. T. Anderson; 2. Good; 3. Dutenhoffer; 4. Peterson; 5. Aames; 6. Waba. DNF: Konold.

• Feature — 1. Derek Rieck, Ortonville (Minn.); 2. Mike Nichols, Watertown; 3. Scott Harrington, Waubay; 4. Scott Hansen, Garden City; 5. Darren Engesser, Gary; 6. Tony Croninger, Watertown; 7, Kolton Luepke, Granite Falls (Minn.); 8. Dakota Tirrel, Watertown; 9. Tommy Nichols, Watertown; 10. Troy Randall, Watertown; 11. Tate Block, Florence; 12. Todd Randall, Watertown; 13. Charles Hanten, Watertown; 14. Nick Schmidt, Baltic. DNF: Les Schoon, Zach LaQua, Aaron Sowers and Tom Neitzel, Watertown; Tyler McFarland, Goodwin and Dean Small, Arlington. DNS: Red Anderson, Watertown. DQ: Toby Eilers, Aberdeen.
• First Heat — 1. Hansen; 2. M. Nichols; 3. Troy Randall; 4. T. Nichols; 5. LaQua; 6. Luepke; 7. Hanten; 8. Neitzel.
• Second Heat — 1. Block; 2. Croninger; 3. McFarland; 4. Eilers; 5. Tirrel; 6. Sowers. DNF: Nick Schmidt, Baltic.
• Third Heat — 1. Harrington; 2. Rieck; 3. Engesser; 4. Schoon; 5. Anderson; 6. Todd Randall. DNS: Small.

• Feature — 1. Matt Goth, Huron; 2. Maria Broksieck, Goodwin; 3. Wade Tirrel, White; 4. Andy Rossow, Florence; 5. Al Schmidt,Watertown; 6. Dave Brooker, Tulare; 7. Josh Long, Canby (Minn.); 8. Marty Tirrel, White; 9. Tyler Lamb, Clark; 10. Dale Louwagie, Cottonwood (Minn.); 11. Jakob Browning, Watertown. DNF: Nicholas Green, Watertown; Chris Serr, Aberdeen; Ashley Wampler, Hecla; Chad Willmott, White; Brian Pearson, Toronto; Landan Davis, Waubayand Josh Brandsrud, Henry.
• First Heat — 1. Goth; 2. Lamb; 3. Wampler; 4. Browning; 5. Pearson; 6. Long.
• Second Heat — 1. Green; 2. Broksieck; 3. W. Tirrel; 4. Wilmott; 5. Davis; 6. M. Tirrel.
• Third Heat — 1. Serr; 2. Rossow; 3. Schmidt; 4. Louwagie. DNF: Brooker and Brandsrud.


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