Woonsocket man arrested for theft of Huron auto

MITCHELL — A vehicle that was reported stolen in Huron was recovered Sunday evening in Mitchell when the vehicle’s owners were in town for a graduation party and noticed it, reported the Mitchell Daily Republic.
Bo Burkel, 25, of Woonsocket, was arrested for possession of stolen property, a Class 4 felony, when police located him driving a black Ford F-150 in the area of the 1401 South Main trailer park, court documents state.
Earlier, the vehicle’s owners were driving in Mitchell and noticed their pickup — which has personalized license plates — on the corner of Havens Avenue and Burr Street. They called 911 and attempted to follow the vehicle.
Officers responded to the last known location of the pickup and pulled it over in the trailer court.
Court documents say Burkel told officers he “was drinking alcohol the night before” and Sunday morning he “awoke to find the keys to this pickup on his night stand. The defendant stated that he does not remember how he got to Mitchell and was just driving around.”
Officials with the Mitchell Police Division said Burkel was cooperative and was taken into custody without incident. The pickup is valued at $40,000.
If Burkel is convicted of possession of stolen property, he faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and up to a $20,000 fine.


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