County adds Wolsey property to upcoming land sale


HURON — In their first meeting of 2024, the Beadle County Commission re-elected Doug Ramsell as the chair and Rick Benson as the vice-chair of the commission.

Among items on the agenda was adding a property to the county’s land sale on Jan. 30. The property is located at 451 Church St. NE in Wolsey. Commissioners set a valuation on the property of $30,000.

The meeting opened with the commission getting an update from highway department superintendent Jason Fritzsche. Two rural access infrastructure fund applications were considered from Whiteside and Foster townships. These were approved.

The culvert bid was opened, with TrueNorth Steel providing the sole bid to the county. The bid was accepted.

Fritzsche discussed fences and other objects placed into county right of way. This is enforceable with a fine, and Fritzsche stated that his crew will be reporting these violations and letters will be going out to those found in violation.

The annual supply bid will be opened on Feb. 8.

The commission met with representatives of the Beadle County Dive Team and emergency management director Taylor Jans regarding funding for the dive team. The dive team was praised by the commission for the work they do, and research will be done into how the dive team is set up financially under county by-laws in order to ensure the team can apply for Homeland Security grants.

The commission accepted a resignation from the WIC office and also approved the hire of a custodian in the courthouse.

Election pay and polling places were approved by the commission for 2024.

The towns and townships meeting with the county is Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 7 p.m. in the new highway department building.

As part of the opening meeting of the year, the appointments of Taylor Jans as emergency management director and Kim Eichstadt as director of equalization.

The next commission meeting is Tuesday, Jan. 30.

The commission will hear from all department heads as part of that meeting as well as hosting the annual county land sale.