County conducts tax deed land auction


HURON – The Beadle County Commission held its annual tax deed land sale Tuesday morning at the courthouse, with three properties available. Commissioner Allen Greenfield conducted the auction. Two of the three properties sold during the auction, one in Wessington for $100 and another in Wolsey for $32,000.

Commissioners debated potentially renewing the current tax opt-out or increasing a wheel tax. Adding to the wheel tax could potentially allow the county to qualify for more funding for bridge grants, but multiple commissioners reported hearing from constituents about their disdain for an increased wheel tax.

Evaluating the needs of the county, a renewal of the current tax opt-out for $300,000 over two years was proposed in a motion, but this died for lack of a second to the motion. In discussing the rate of inflation, commissioners chose to keep an opt-out short-term when discussion of potentially extending past two years was brought up.

Commissioner Rick Benson made a motion to set the opt-out at $500,000 for the next two years, and this was seconded by Doug Ramsell. The vote on the motion was 3-to-2 with Benson, Ramsell, and Dennis Meyer voting for the opt-out and Denis Drake and Greenfield voting against it.

The meeting opened with a report from highway supervisor Jason Fritzsche. He explained that the recent warmer weather has allowed his crew to blade roads and do hand patching on asphalt. He also stated that the crew was getting equipment ready for the spring, as they expect a very busy spring and summer this year.

Fritzsche explained to the commission that as many as 10 bridges could be completed in 2024 through federal and state bridge programs.

Supply bids will be opened Feb. 8, and a bid was set for microsurface work on Feb. 21 and for overlay on Feb. 22.

Kaboomers Fireworks had a conditional use permit for a firework stand approved.

The commission approved a plat of Huizenga Outlot 1 after a recent sale of property, Broderson Outlot 1 to prepare land for potential sale, and Elm’s Outlot to plat the homestead from a larger lot for trust purposes.

The commission also met as the board of adjustment to approve an annexation filed by the city of Huron for property south of 21st Street.

They also approved the reconveyance of two properties that had originally been listed as part of the tax deed land sale due to payment of taxes.

The commission also approved employee roster as well as dive team, storm spotter, and CERT team members.

The next commission meeting will be February 13, with the towns and townships meeting to be held that evening.