He's got a good point. One. One good point.


I am almost positive that when the first of the month rolls around, those who peruse the Opinion page begin rolling their eyes when they see a Letter to the Editor from who is easily our most prolific contributor.

Yep, I can practically hear those eyeballs twirling.

Last week’s letter was really no different, as Mr. Writer spouted his far-right opinion.

His opinion. Which he has the grit to put forth in print every month.

And while I don’t agree with much of what his leanings lead him to write - frankly, I don’t generally agree with everything everyone writes - he hits upon a nugget from time to time.

Like making changes in voting.

Many countries are faster than the U.S. when it comes to national elections. Great Britain, for instance, doesn’t elect its Prime Minster, it selects Members of Parliament in a plethora of ‘local’ elections. Whichever party has a majority, or can piece together a semblance of a government then selects from among themselves who will lead the government.

So, not a national election.

As for most of the rest of what was written, I’ve been asked to supply an ID to vote for many years (spoiler alert, we all are) and in every election since I cast my first ballot in 1980, I have marked a paper ballot.

Early voting, or absentee voting has created more opportunity for people to vote and is likely never going away.

Even if the one nugget of promise came to be.

I agree wholeheartedly that making Election Day a holiday would be a positive.

It would open up hundreds of thousands of people to work at polling stations, positions that are more and more difficult for local officials to fill.

It wouldn’t address those who would still be working (healthcare, food service, lodging, newspapers, etc.) who don’t normally get those holidays off, but it’d be a dandy start.