Kiwanis hears of Huron Rising 2.0 and has a special visitor


Steve Gohn, Huron Community Foundation Chairperson, spoke to Kiwanis about Huron Rising 2.0. Huron Rising was a town hall meeting held in 2018 to gather input from local individuals prioritizing needs in Huron. The two most important topics from 2018’s meeting was downtown and housing in disrepair. Programs and funding were then created to address the need and have had incredible success.

The Huron Community Foundation is hosting another session labeled Huron Rising 2.0 in partnership with the City of Huron, Greater Huron, and the Chamber & Visitors Bureau to again seek input from Huron residents on how we can make Huron a better place to live. 

Huron Rising will host 100 residents to again prioritize what is the most important areas to improve our community.

During the Kiwanis meeting, they had a surprise visit from Tony Oliva, Minnesota Twins player from 1962 to 1976, and National Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2022.