Letter - Busch 12-2-23


To the Editor:

What happened to Israel was “evil” and “barbaric,” cutting heads off babies, burning them in ovens, raping women and killing kids in front of their parents and vice-versa. People who oppose Israel will stand before God and be judged, as well as the students and professors protesting against God’s chosen people.

These protestors are sons of satan. They should lose their citizenship and be removed from our country. It’s also a disgrace to have people who are anti-Semitic serving in our government, causing harm to Jewish students. Crimes, mainly in Democratic cities, are getting worse daily.

The mayor and governor of NY are unable to support these “illegals” coming into their cities. Some of these people are unhappy with their living places and are going back home. I wish they would all decide to leave.

FBI head Wray has no clue on how many terrorists might be in our country. Keep an eye out of r something evil to happen.

Iran has bombed our bases 73 times so far and Biden has done very little in retaliation. The five-day ceasefire was broken recently by Hamas, so we know we can’t trust them.

James Comer has subpeoned Hunter Biden and James Biden, and possibly a dozen more. President Biden has continued to fall in the polls, but we know that Trump is ahead of Biden in 10 states. Former President Obama and David Axlerod are advising Biden to drop out, along with other Democrats and now even the former head of the BLM has endorsed Trump and also Latinos and Blacks are backing Trump.

Bidenomics are causing many people to suffer. Biden is a “poor” excuse for a president. The White House has allowed protestors to paint and damage the Capitol gates and no one has been held accountable, as usual.

Michael Busch