Letter - Williams 12-1-23


To the Editor:
Donald Trump has become more emboldened since 2016. He has said he will politicize the DOJ and that they will do his bidding.

If an opponent rant against him, and he should find himself losing, he would send the DOJ after them to remove them from the race.

What law-abiding, common-sense human being would subject themselves to live under those conditions?

Suggesting he would be a dictator. Your freedom is your greatest asset. When current Republicans enabled him to get away, without impeaching him, and the Jan. 6 insurrection, they allowed him to violate the constitution.

You are sworn to uphold the constitution, not owe fealty to an individual. He compared himself to Nelson Mandela.

He said he didn’t mind being Nelson Mandela, so let’s send him to jail for 27 years.

Now this idiot is saying he will use the law to deport or jail undocumented people. In the United States, there are dual status families. One adult here and documented, while the other is not. His solution is to lock one of them up.

He will also go after anyone who opposes him. That’s a dictator. He is openly discriminating and owning it.

Take him for his word.

Willie Williams