School notes 1-27-24


Huron Middle School
Happy New Year! I hope that you have rung in 2024 with great health, dreams, friends, and family. We are blessed to have ESL students that are so excited to accomplish the goals that they set at the beginning of the year (academics, behavior, clubs/sports, decisions, effort, and family/friendship).

It’s that time of year, again, for us to be very busy preparing for the ACCESS tests. ACCESS for our ESL students is an English language proficiency test that measures students’ academic English language skills. Understanding our students’ abilities and proficiencies helps us help them achieve their goals. We have been busy reading short stories and novels, which prepares them as they learn about structure, vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension.

As we read, write, and then discuss the stories, we are improving our English language skills, together. While each student develops in their own way, there is power in working together. They all bring their own experiences from their family and friends, their culture, and their other classes and classmates together as we strive for improvement through teamwork!

We are currently studying the seasons through multiple states, which allows them to relate their experiences to the experiences of those states. Through the theme of “Seasons of Change,” they get to express their opinions and feelings of what they like and dislike about the different seasons. As our students develop personally, they will also grow in their other classes as well. As we continue to share in their successes and help them with their growth, they will continue to flourish. These are special people.

Submitted by HMS ESL teacher Rosa Eddy

Washington 4-5 Library
As students approach the library, they are greeted with a large festive bulletin board decorated with gnomes, arms grabbing books, and a message that says “WELCOME” Gnome-body can resist a good book!”

Once inside they can browse our collection of over 14,000 books and choose up to 3 of their favorites each week. But for some 3 is not enough and they request to check out 4! Then there are many students who can’t make it a week to get new books and come back a time or two before their next library “special.”

Everyone has their favorites, but graphic novels are always high on the list, as are sports books including chapter books and books on teams or individual players. We have a lot of soccer fans! Books in verse, such as those by Kwame Alexander, are becoming more popular. A good adventure or fantasy read is appealing to many!

Kids also love nonfiction history and historical fiction, cooking, jokes, and origami.  We can’t forget animals and cars; and “YES,” we have the latest in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Wings of Fire GN, Spy School, and more.

Students have the opportunity to share what their latest favorite read is and why. They are eager to share, and it gives their classmates new book choices to consider.

The students are always honing their alphabetizing skills as they search for their favorite fiction books on our shelves and on the school’s Destiny site. In many classes, students are earning Booktaco points. We have tons of these books for them to choose, read, and then quiz on!

We continue to engage our many ESL students with books that they can successfully read as they are excited to be learning and expanding their English vocabulary.

As you can see, our students love books. And our goal is to make the library a truly fun place to find them.

Submitted by Librarian Joyce Maras