Thank you, Huron Public Library


Charlotte Bale and her class of kindergarten students at Crow Creek Tribal School sit amongst some of the 200-plus gift bags that were decorated by elementary students. This was a service project for the elderly.

They read Henry Cole’s book, “One Little Bag,” during their library lesson with district librarian Marilyn Mendenhall, and from there decided to make gift bags when slipper socks in abundance were donated.

According to Mendenhall, none of this would have been possible if the Huron Public Library had not allowed Crow Creek Tribal School to check out many books, including “One Little Bag,” for extended periods of time.

Huron Public Library Director Angela Bailey said Crow Creek Tribal School is just one of  many school districts that utilize the local library to supplement their offerings. “The Crow Creek kids can’t come to our library, but I’m glad they’re reading, and I’m glad they’re using the library,” Bailey said. At left, is one of the decorated gift bags students created, and below is the book that inspired the project.