Busch letter 9-5-20

To the Editor:

To begin, I want to thank Rodney Freeman for his letter. I agree 100%. Amen.

Then there’s the letter from the Strubles, about the postmaster removing mailboxes because Trump told him. Where’s the proof? During the Obama Administration, he had 140,000 taken in for repairs or replacement. There is a double standard for the two parties.

I apply for an absentee ballot. I need proof of who I am and I send back the information needed. Recently, in New York, it took six weeks to come up with election results. Democrats want to send out ballots to everyone, whether they are dead or alive. Then they want the ballots harvested, but who will pick up these and who will count them?

Many Democrats from the Obama administration are being investigated for their lies and coverups.
AG Barr and John Durham will soon release the information they have found.

Everybody knows about the money Hunter Biden has gotten from the Ukraine and China, and that Joe’s brother got for his deals to construct homes in Iraq.

Trump has done more for the country than any other president. What has Biden done in 47 years? Biden and Harris will raise your taxes to pay for his “Green Deal,” four trillion dollars, give free Medicare to all illegals, along with free college, open up the southern borders, “take your guns” take away Freedom of “Speech,” then when he can’t get rid of the virus, he’ll make you wear a mask and shut down the country. He won’t be able to stop the riots in the big cities either.

So good luck electing Biden and Harris. The U.S. will go belly-up fast.

Michael Busch


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