Horizon Health Care employees invest in patients


HOWARD — Horizon Health Care employees were INSPIRED to give back to their patients and colleagues in need during the 2024 YOU Inspire Employee Giving Campaign.

Horizon’s employees are dedicated to their patients and communities, with 39% giving back to the Horizon Health Foundation during the campaign, totaling $48,599 in donations. Employee donations help patients with transportation, cancer screenings, and medical, dental, and behavioral health expenses.

Horizon nurse Pam Eichstadt applied for Horizon’s Employee Emergency Fund, one of the ways employees can choose to delegate their annual contribution.

Eichstadt had experienced health problems including two surgeries and a bout with COVID. She also faced long-term illnesses and loss of loved ones during that time. She applied for emergency funds to help pay day-to-day expenses while she was getting back on her feet.

“It’s been one thing after another,” Eichstadt said. “It really was a blessing to have that money to be able to take care of groceries and bills.”

Over the last seven years, the employees of Horizon Health Care have donated nearly $355,000. Together all Horizon investors have donated over $2M, which has impacted over 5,000 Horizon Health Care patients.