Letter to the editor - Fast 10-17-20

To the Editor:

One of today’s most recognizable actors is Tom Selleck. Considering his success in movies and TV shows, I was shocked when he was in an advertisement on TV, telling about the benefits of reverse home mortgages.

In this advertisement, one of the first things he says is “This isn’t my first rodeo.” What he means is that he has been around for quite awhile and has seen and experienced many things in life that makes what he is going to say credible.

Lynn Schneider is running for the State House seat that has become vacant by the death of my friend, Bob Glanzer. I have known Lynn Schneider for many years, and I think this statement, “This isn’t my first rodeo,” represents Lynn Schneider as it does Tom Selleck.

Lynn has served on many local and regional boards and has gained much experience in making decisions that affect communities and peoples’ lives. His service in the banking world has given him experience in dealing with the farm economies and issues they face as well as the commercial issues that face city businesses.

This business experience, as well as his time working on many volunteer and elected board positions, serves him well in his desire to represent us in the State House.

So the statement, “This isn’t my first rodeo,” fits him and I look forward to supporting him in this job, as I know he will represent the issues facing farmers and businesses in our state with great expertise and knowledge.

One other statement Selleck said in a movie is this and I say it to Lynn Schneider.

“I’m not Wyatt Earp and you’re not Bill Hickok.”

Meaning...go out to the state house Lynn, and use your knowledge and experience to represent the citizens of this area well.

Darrell Fast


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