School notes 12-16-20

7th Grade Special Ed

Many students have returned to face-to-face instruction, joining the other students after trying Distance Learning. The students who returned usually make comments on how they missed the other students.

With social distancing, students still find time to get to know each other and seem to learn and complete more work in the classroom with their peers.

Zoom, the online meeting tool, is great but it does not hold the same quality as in person instruction and information. Students are learning how important it is to learn together.

Learning seems to be the biggest lesson this year as the use of technology and teaching becomes intertwined with each other, as students’ access Google Classroom and other online formats to respond to questions on the iPad. In Stripes class, the students use the iPad and play challenges with each other as trivia questions are displayed on the smart board. The opportunity to bond as a community of students to reinforce the lesson through fun educational games has been beneficial.

I have watched the Science teachers use this trivia option with students to help strengthen the students’ knowledge of a subject before being quizzed over it.

The season for sharing and enjoying each other makes life fun in the Middle School. Students are respecting each other and keeping each other safe. It is very rewarding to be a teacher working one-on-one with students and in small group settings.

In the uncertain times of the Covid-19 crisis, Huron Middle School has been the positive solution for many students.

From the Desk of Truman Savery
7th Grade Stripes & Special Education Teacher
Huron Middle School