School officials, police, address graffiti threat

HURON — Parents of students and staff members of the Huron School District were informed shortly after three p.m. on Thursday, that Huron High School Principal Mike Radke was reporting the discovery of graffiti at the school, stating a safety threat at the high school for today, April 28.
The message noted that school administration was working with the Huron Police department to investigate.
As the day progressed, Huron School District Superintendent Terry Nebelsick reported that officers had determined which student had created the graffiti.
“The student has acknowledged involvement,” Nebelsick said. “Police are working with the cooperation of the student’s parents, on the next steps.”
“While many threats such as this are designed to create unease,” Nebelsick said, “all threats must be taken seriously. We can never assume that any situation is not the real thing.”
Nebelsick confirmed that graffiti was written on the side of a study carrel in the high school. He said that a study carrel is a three-sided study area for an individual, which are located in the high school’s ‘in-school suspension’ or ISS area.
He did say that some parents had stated that they were planning to hold their children out of school on Friday for safety and that the decision was made to station a patrol car outside each of the district’s school buildings today, for parents who hadn’t heard that the student was identified.