‘America — Musical Snapshots’ recitals held

Students of Beverly J. Bigge presented two piano recitals with the theme, “America — Musical Snapshots,” at the Centennial Center on May 17.
Brittani Hofer, daughter of Ken and Jodi Hofer, was awarded the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) fourth gold cup.
Third gold cup winners included: Kevin Baltzer, son of Monte and Sheri Baltzer, Grant Duvall, son of Dennis and Kathy Duvall; April Hamilton, daughter of Scott and Paula Hamilton; Chelsea Hofer, son of Ken and Jodi Hofer; Brooke Mallon, daughter of Jason and Nicki Mallon; and Emily Wedel, daughter of Brad and Helene Wedel, all in piano solo.
Jaime O’Neill received a second gold cup.
First gold cups were awarded to Kate Hamilton, Rachel Derksen (duet) and Victoria Larson (duet).
Students who entered the National Piano Playing Auditions received their certificates and pins. State winners were Allyson Boomsma, Rachel Derksen, Grant Duvall, Sarah Fuerst, April Hamilton, Kate Hamilton, Cassandra Koel, Bethany Larson, Victoria Larson and Jed Waldner. District and local winners included Cameron Cutshaw, Jordyn Cutshaw, Hannah Farmer, Lizzie Farmer, Brenna Held, Jonathan Koel, Anna Kruse, Abby Thomas and Nathan Farmer.
Students receiving the Music Teachers National Association Study award for five or more years of study included: Five years: Rachel Derksen, Victoria Larson, Jed Waldner; Six years: Allyson Boomsma, McKenzie Hofer; Seven years: Lizzie Farmer, Bethany Larson; Eight years: Kevin Baltzer, Claire Trautman; Nine years: Grant Duvall, Nathan Farmer, Chelsea Hofer, Cassandra Koel, Anna Kruse; Ten years: Jaime O’Neill, Abby Thomas, Grace Trautman, Emily Wedel; Eleven years: Elaine Hines, Brittani Hofer; Twelve years: April Hamilton, Brooke Mallon.
Students receiving practice awards included: Sarai DuChane, Hannah Farmer, Lizzie Farmer, Kate Hamilton, Brenna Held, Jaime O’Neill, Claire Trautman, and Grace Trautman.
Students receiving technique achievement awards included: Allison Blom, Maggie Decker, Hannah Farmer, Sarah Fuerst, Kate Hamilton, Brenna Held, Kolby Hofer, McKenzie Hofer, Elaina Hohm, Jonathan Koel, Micah Larson, Victoria Larson, Sutton Senska and Jed Waldner.
Ribbons and certificates were presented to students who participated in the South Dakota Bandmasters Association contests and the NFMC Junior Music Festival. Students were given awards for sharing music at nursing homes, church, school and community events.
Graduating seniors Grant Duvall, April Hamilton, Elaine Hines, Cassandra Koel, Brooke Mallon and Grace Trautman received special recognition for their many accomplishments.
Bigge is a nationally certified teacher of music with both the Music Teachers National Association and the American College of Musicians. She maintains a private studio in Huron.



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