Beadle adds 27 new positive cases Wednesday

HURON — The South Dakota Department of Health (DOH) did not put out new COVID-19 numbers on Thursday due to the Thanksgiving holiday, so the numbers from Thursday will be combined with Friday, likely making those numbers notably higher than usual.

In the numbers reported by DOH on Wednesday, the state added 1,283 new positive cases, 2,600 new recovered cases, and 28 new deaths. With one more death in the month, the total deaths in November will be equal to the total deaths the state had registered due to virus-related causes entering the month.

The notable amount of recovered cases did reduce the active cases in the state to 15,312.
Beadle County added 27 new positive cases Wednesday, along with 95 new recovered cases. The additional recovered cases has reduced the county to 473 active cases, the lowest number since Nov. 7 in the county.

The Heartland Region added 57 new positive cases Wednesday, but also added 185 new recovered cases, which lowered the seven-county region’s active cases to 940, which represents 2.28% of the region’s population active with the virus.


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