Beadle has most new COVID-19 positives in one week of 2021

HURON — While the previous two weeks have been building this direction, the last week of February left Beadle County with its most new cases in a week since mid-December and easily the highest number in 2021.

The state added 320 new positive cases, nine new deaths, and 322 new recovered cases over the weekend according to the numbers from the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH). On Monday, the numbers from the DOH added another 43 new positive cases and 58 recovered cases. The active virus cases in the state sit at 1,918.

Beadle County added 10 new positive cases over the weekend along with eight new recovered cases. The active cases in the county were up to 89 as of Sunday’s DOH numbers, the highest total of 2021, and the highest number since reaching the same total Dec. 26.

That trend continued Monday as three new positive cases and one new recovered cases were added to Beadle’s tally in the DOH numbers. That left the county with 91 active cases, the highest number since Dec. 24.

Over the past two weeks, Beadle recorded 31 and then 33 new positive cases. The high number for the year had been 33, which was achieved three times. This past week, including numbers reported by DOH Monday through Sunday, totaled 43 new positive cases in the county.

The county has not recorded a week with that many new positive cases since posting 48 the week ending Dec. 13.

Active cases have gone up across the seven-county Heartland Region over the past week as well. After Monday’s DOH numbers, the Heartland sits at 147 active COVID-19 cases.


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