County considers COVID impact on staff

HURON — The Beadle County commissioners met Monday morning to close out monthly bills for November and also had a long discussion on employee care that wove throughout the meeting.

Commissioners concerned with ensuring county staff do not feel pressured to come into work while sick during the pandemic discussed the potential issue of staff running out of available sick or vacation hours. After discussion in and out of executive session, the decision was made to have a meeting with all department heads December 8 at 9 a.m. to clarify a policy going forward for all employees.

Gravel bids were opened by commissioners at the meeting. Two bids were received - Oschner at $7.25 per ton for 30,000 tons and Brownlee at $6.70 per ton for 50,000 tons. Highway superintendent Merl Hanson requested both bids be accepted, provided the gravel meets specifications for the Department of Transportation. Commissioners unanimously approved a motion with those details.

Commissioners also opened the paperwork for bridge grants from the state for local bridge work to be done through the Bridge Improvement Grant.


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