Doland presents awards

DOLAND — Academic awards presented to students at Doland High School include:

• Dick Paine Scholarship, $7,000 each: Natasha Allerdings and Jewell Thomas
The Dick Paine Educational Scholarship Program evolved through the vision of former Doland Banker George Cluts. Dick Paine was long time Doland resident, who set up the scholarship in his will.  Since its inception in 1989, this program has assisted 203 students with local scholarships of more than $510,000.  

• Academic Letter winners: Patrick Decker, Reganne Miles, Emma Schneider, Cameron Noethlich, Jodyn Bawek, Greeley LaBrie, Teagen Mason, Avery Miles, Regan LaBrie, Caycee Schneider, Tianna Tschetter, Natasha Allerdings

• Ray Williamson Memorial: Natasha Allerdings

• Chris E. Wood Memorial: Caycee Schneider

• Max Briggs Memorial: Regan LaBrie

• Woodrow Twiss Memorial: Avery Miles

 • Jeffry Remily: Cameron Noethlich

• Hubert Humphrey Citizenship Award: Dirby Bawek

• Farmers State Bank Scholarship (Turton): $1,000 each: Dirby Bawek and Taryn Wipf

• Merlin Hahn: $550 each for Dirby Bawek, Taryn Wipf, Natasha Allerdings; $300 for Jewell Thomas

• Perfect Attendance: Jodyn Bawek and Jayce Logan

• Student Body President: Natasha Allerdings

• American Legion Distinguished Service Awards: Natasha Allerdings

• Junior High Citizenship Award: Jodyn Bawek

• President’s Education Award: Cameron Noethlich, Noah Felderman, Annie Waldner

• Gordon Ingwerson Scholarship, $1,500: Natasha Allerdings

• Joe and Norma Rahm $1,500 each: Natasha Allerdings and Jewell Thomas

• Benjamin Lohr: Engineering Scholarship (SDSU) $1,000 per year for 4 years: Dirby Bawek

• Doland FFA Alumni State Degree Scholarship, $500 each: Natasha Allerdings, Dirby Bawek, Taryn Wipf

• Twin Cities Region Northland Ford Dealers Scholarship (SD FFA Foundation): $500 Natasha Allerdings