First-place basketball and cheerleader winners

Huron teams were well-represented on the podium at the Special Olympics Basketball Tournament last weekend in Mitchell.

Shown first is the Unified Middle School and Elementary-school age student team which won first place. Athletes are Dallas Shannon, Cian Halber, Ethan Fetzer and Dayton Matthews and the unified (non-disabled) partners are  Bryli Hickey,Gianna Proia, Jeremiah Meyer, and Jocelyn Watson. The team is managed by Jaylin Koerner and coaches are Scott Rutledge, Linda Rutledge and Aubrey Rutledge.

Next is the cheer team, which also took first place. Cheerleaders are Cassidy Baszler, Georgia Meyer, McKenzie Adermann, Delaney Cass, and Alydiah Munce. Unified partners are Kaitlyn Richwalski and Mackenzie Jensen and the team is coached by Amanda Katzenberger.

And next is of the High School and Middle School aged basketball team that took third place. Athletes on the team are Gavin Rutledge, Lia Tarbox, Brian Aranki, Dominic Bergman, Tyler Wood and Po Say. Coaches are Dan Heffner and Haley Heffner

Brian Aranki and Dallas Shannon received the Spirit of Sportsmanship Awards and team manager Jaylin Koerner sang the National Anthem at the event’s opening ceremonies.


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