Letter - Jay Lloyd

To the Editor:
How do we stop this stuff going on with our government? It does not matter what our president does, these Democrats are going to try and knock him down. Why do they have this hardcore grudge against him?
How about if we go back to our former president? And normally, I would not give him the respect of saying he was the president, or even a man, but it will make this easier for me to write.
You ask a computer to show you a video of him giving a speech the last six or seven years he was in office. At some point, he will try and make you laugh. And I don’t say that because most everything he said or did was a joke, even though I do look at him that way, I say it because he will do something to try to make you laugh.
Why didn’t these Democrats do all this dumb stuff back then? They did not do it because he was black. That is not the way to do it. You have to go by what he believes in and what his plans are.
I will give our South Dakota Legislature credit, they stepped up and said something to get the government going again. In other words, let’s build this wall and it will solve a lot of problems. Not all the problems down along the border, but most of them.
I like how our president does things and no matter what happens he will be forever in the history books.
Jay Lloyd