NJHFR World Champions are crowned

HURON — After twelve rounds of competition - making up two go-rounds in each event, the top 20 in each event qualified for Saturday night’s Short Go at the National Junior High Finals Rodeo.
Qualifiers for the short go saw their first two performances added to their time or score in the short go to determine the world champion.
After a final performance of spirited competition, participants in the short-go round led to champions being crowned in each event.
Team Mississippi started the short-round off strong with two crowned champions in a row.  6th grader Stone Reeves of Magnolia, Miss., earned the NJHFR Boy’s Breakaway World Champion Title with a 9.12 on three runs. Another Mississippi team member, Logan Wilson, followed up with a 7.75 second run to put her at the top with 23.17 on three head to earn her title.
Wilson said she was relieved when the judge dropped his flag, as she explained that she only had the third leg wrapped with a hoof. This was her first year rodeoing in the NHSRA.
The defending world champions did it again in Bareback Steer Riding and Barrel Racing.
Kade Madsen of Honeyville, Utah ended up one point ahead of Tuker Carricato in the Bareback Steer Riding, to give him another NJHFR World Champion Title. Madsen explained that his goals were to “win the NJHFR Title 3 years in a row and eventually make it to the NFR.”
Karsyn Daniels and her horse ‘Muffin’ made three consistent and smooth runs this week to give her her second Barrel Racing World Title in a row.
Josie Conner and the Dubois siblings earned Team Louisiana two World Titles, in Girl’s Breakaway and Ribbon Roping.
Two champions also hailed from the state of Iowa.
Brady Barringer flipped all three steers the quickest in 7.7 seconds this week to claim the Chute Dogging title and the five-event qualifier, Cauy Masters, earned the Tie-Down World Title.
Gus Gaillard of Morse, Texas, rode all three of his steers in the Saddle Bronc Steer Riding for a total of 187 points.  Gaillard is proud to come from a family with a history of bronc riding roots.
The team roping steers were tough, five teams advanced into the short round with only catching in on the short go-round.
Denim Ross and Levi Schmidt, the Team roping duo from Alberta, Canada, earned the NJHFR Team World Title.
The Oklahoma Cowgirl, Jaylee Young weaved through the poles in 19 seconds every run this week, giving her the NJHFR Pole Bending Title.  She has had her horse since they were both young, she notes they have a special connection with each other.
Team Texas was well represented throughout the week, including two Event Championships — Canyon Bass won the Bull Riding and Riley Webb won the Boys Goat Tying. 
Bass recalled his ride. “When he floated around the corner, I decided to give him the boot.” 
Team Texas took the National Team Title for a second year in row, with a total of 6,865.00 points.
NJHFR World Champion Results

Boys Breakaway: 1. Stone Reeves, Magnolia, Miss., 9.12; 2. Cayden Kling, Belfield, N.D., 9.62; 3. Cole Gerhardt, Mandan, N.D., 9.79; 4. Avery Matheson, Winthrop, Ark., 10.19; 5. Andrew Witter, Helena, Mont., 10.21
Girls Goat Tying: 1. Logan Wilson, Louin, Miss., 23.17; 2. Braylee Shepherd, Nephi, Utah, 23.3; 3. Cheyenne VandeStouwe, Inwood, Iowa, 23.85; 4. Tavy Leno, Sheridan, Wyo., 25.31; 4. McKayla Miller, St. John, Kan., 25.31
Bareback Steer Riding: 1. Kade Madsen, Honeyville, Utah, 188; 2. Tuker Carricato, Saratoga, Wyo., 187; 3. Coy Montgomery, Esparto, Calif., 182; 3. Gus Gaillard, Morse, Texas, 182; 5. Caden Bunch, Tahlequah, Okla., 176
Girls Breakaway: 1. Josie Conner, Iowa, La., 8.27; 2. Summer Richardson, Ainsworth, Neb., 8.7; 3. Hali Williams, Mineral Wells, Texas, 8.82; 4. Quincy Sullivan, Peralta, N.M., 9.85; 5. Bridee Ann Burks, Lancaster, Wis., 10.32
Barrel Racing: 1. Karsyn Daniels, McKinney, Texas, 47.319; 2. Jordan Morman, Gillette, Wyo., 47.602; 3. Wylee Mitchell, Pioche, Nev., 47.605; 4. Maklee Larsen, Genola, Utah, 47.686; 5. Grace Gardiner, Ashland, Kan., 48.433
Tie-Down Roping: 1. Cauy Masters, Leon, Iowa, 34.69; 2. Brannan Allen, Loma, Colo., 34.84; 3. Conner Thiel, Plymouth, Wis., 38.07; 4. Cody Owens, Bertram, Texas, 38.22; 5. CJ Covalt, Youngsville, La., 38.86
Saddle Bronc Steer Riding: 1. Gus Gaillard, Morse, Texas, 187; 2. Benny Proffitt, Skellytown, Texas, 185; 3. Byron Christiansen, Emery, Utah, 180; 4. Mason Stuller, Veneta, Ore., 169; 5. Cooper Jacobs, Benjamin, Utah, 151
Ribbon Roping: 1. Luke Dubois, Church Point, La., Grace Dubois, Church Point, La., 25.5; 2. Lexie McLemore, Anadarko, Okla., Kade Williams, Haskell, Okla., 26.16; 3. Sealey Bottom, Cheyenne, Okla., Raesh Casebolt, Ryan, Okla., 28.33; 4. Madison Durant, Diboll, Texas, Peyton Mathis, Lufkin, Texas, 29.23; 5. Bryson Tays, Crossville, Tenn., Lauren Shultz, Orlinda, Tenn., 33.22
Chute Dogging: 1. Brady Barringer, Winterset, Iowa, 7.7; 2. Seth Glass, Potter, Neb., 9.05; 3. Clay Tom Hurt, Dilley, Texas, 10.1; 4. Luke Dubois, Church Point, La., 10.4; 5. Hayden Webb, Wheatland, Calif., 10.71
Team Roping: 1. Denim Ross, Botha, Alb., Levi Schmidt, Barrhead, Alb., 24.35; 2. Clay McNichol, Okotoks, Alb., Coy Skocdopole, Big Valley, Alb., 31.41; 3. Luke Denney, Carrollton, Ga., Sarah Toole, Rydal, Ga., 36.39; 4. Troupe Coors, Loveland, Colo., Seth Anderson, Larkspur, Colo., 40.38; 5. Delaney Browder, San Luis Obispo, Calif., Katelyn Browder, San Luis Obispo, Calif., 42.97
Boys Goat Tying: 1. Riley Webb, Denton, Texas, 27.32; 2. Judd Morrison, Longville, La., 28.27; 3. Mason Moody, Letcher, S.D., 28.36; 4. Jake Stephens, Glade Park, Colo., 29; 5. Teagen Binder, Merino, Colo., 29.13
Pole Bending: 1. Jaylee Young, Hugo, Okla., 60.498; 2. Olivia Thibodeaux, Church Point, La., 61.235; 3. Tess Underbrink, Pleasanton, Texas, 61.965; 4. Hadassah Mullet, Baltic, Ohio, 62.211; 5. Bree Roark, Georgetown, Tenn., 62.319
Bull Riding: 1. Canyon Bass, Wimberley, Texas, 219; 2. Cole Townsend, Paris, Tenn., 215; 3. Caden Fitzpatrick, Polson, Mont., 212; 4. Logan Reichwald, Apache Junction, Ariz., 205; 4. Beau Kelley, Coolidge, Ariz., 205; 4. Jack Rodenbaugh, Box Elder, S.D., 205


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