Police officers, Walmart staff combine to apprehend suspected thief

HURON – A Lakeland, Fla., man was arrested outside Walmart Thursday after police were tipped off about shoplifters who were suspects in credit card fraud at other Walmart locations.
Capt. Casey Spinsby, public information officer for the Huron Police Department, said the male suspect is identified as 24-year-old Stephan Grant.
Officers responded to a call to assist with individuals who had allegedly shoplifted some items. When the responding officer arrived to speak with the suspects, the male attempted to flee the area.
The officer gave chase through the parking lot while giving the suspect several commands to stop. The officer deployed his Taser, incapacitating the suspect and ending the chase.
Spinsby said Walmart staff confirmed that Grant was the suspect in credit card fraud incidents from other Walmart stores. The asset protection associate received an internal bulletin to be on the lookout for Grant and a female companion.
A search of Grant’s person revealed several prepaid credit cards, some of which were still in the packaging.
He is being charged with simple assault, trespassing and resisting arrest.
Grant’s female companion was issued a no trespassing notice from Walmart and released.


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