Rich Bragg is a great leader

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to consider voting for Rich Bragg for City Commissioner.

The place where I really got to know Rich was when we served together on the Huron Chamber Board. When Rich was President of the Chamber he showed great qualities of leadership. Rich is a leader willing to serve first. He leads by example with a servant heart.

A quality of Rich that I appreciate is that he is a man of integrity. Being a city commissioner for Huron will not be easy and there will be times when integrity will be needed especially when there are confidential matters being discussed.     

Second, Rich is someone who listens first, then speaks. Listening is one of the hardest tasks of being a good leader. Rich will listen and then lead in a way that takes all ideas into account in making a decision. Third, Rich has the ability to “cast a vision.” I do believe that Rich will be able to share his vision for Huron very effectively. The last quality of Rich that I would like to emphasize and have learned to appreciate is that he has empathy for the Huron community. For many years their business has donated beds for those who need to rest well. Rich will take his empathy in the work world right into being a member of the

Huron City Commission. Please cast your vote for Rich Bragg.

On a side note, I personally cannot vote for Rich because I live outside the Huron City limits. Our farm generates a lot of tax revenue for Huron and that is why I feel it is important for me to voice my opinion and endorse Rich to be one of Huron’s next commissioners.

Lud Hohm


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