Showing up every day

These Washington 4-5 Center scholars had perfect attendance and no tardies for the 2016-17 school year. Because of this achievement, they each received a bike, donated by local businesses, including Shawn Harvey, Montgomery Realty, Gary Zell, Zell’s Auto Glass Company, Modern Woodman, Walmart, and Godfathers Pizza. The perfect attendees are, from left: Ryan Swartz, Hai Ku Moo, Hkee Lar Hser, Eh Lee Paw, Paw Bor Wah, Merry Shee, Way Way Htun, Ben Ahlers, Lah Doe Soe, Beauty Moon, Ezra Hiles, Hannah Schoenfelder, Cashton Caudell, Aiden Zavesky, Bleh Ler Say, Eh Ku Hser, Lah Ker Paw Htoo, and Paw Ah Moo. Not pictured are Ryker Sawvell and Saw Nee Blut Htoo.



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