State adds more than 1,000 new positive cases for first time since mid-February

Beadle adds 64 new cases

HURON — Active cases rose for the 10th straight week across the state in Wednesday’s COVID-19 numbers from the South Dakota Department of Health (DOH) in the final weekly report in the month of June.

The state added 1,254 new positive cases, two new deaths, and 931 new recovered cases. That bumped the active cases up to 3,101, the highest number statewide since March 10.

The 1,254 new cases marked the first time since DOH moved to weekly reporting that cases topped 1,000 statewide and the first time since the week of Feb. 14-Feb. 18 that the number exceeded 1,000 for the state.

For the month of June, the state added 4,819 new positive cases. That is more than March, April, and May of this year combined (4,525). The state also reported 11 new deaths this month and 188 new hospitalizations.

Beadle County added 64 new positive cases and 15 new recovered cases. Active cases in the county moved up to 114, the most since February 18.

In the month of June, DOH reported that Beadle had 135 new positive cases, but for the first time since November of 2021, the county did not record a virus-related fatality.

The Heartland Region reported 90 new positive cases in this week’s report with 29 new recovered cases. Active cases in the seven-county region moved up to 176.

The Heartland finished June with 216 new positive cases, one COVID-related fatality, and five hospitalizations in the month.

The low testing rate across the region led to 13% of all tests reported from the Heartland in June indicating a new person in the region testing positive that had not previously tested positive with the virus before. Those who test positive for a second time with the virus are not indicated in the state’s new positive numbers.

For reference, only four other months since the state began releasing testing information in September 2020 have had a higher percentage of new positive cases in the Heartland Region.


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